Fall Trends I am Thankful For

Outfit: Skirt (Thrifted, love these hereherehere) ◇ Blazer (Thrifted, love these hereherehere) ◇ Belt (here) ◇ Shoes (similar here

This look has a few "trends" that I am thankful for this year, can you guess what they are?

The first being the oversized blazer. I have been spotting oversized blazers everywhere, paired with short shorts, pants, dresses, everything. I talked a little bit about my love for thrifting in my last post and one of my favorite items to thrift are blazers. Oversized, vintage, padded shoulders blazers. I love the heck out of them and if I could wear them everyday, I would. Which is why I am so glad that they are back. I love them so much that I even look through the men's section for them and that is where I found this particular one.
 Another trend in this look are definitely the animal prints. I have always loved animal prints and it puts a smile on my face when I see all sorts of prints styled on mannequins at department stores or fashion spreads these days.

I think the color brown is one of the colors for Fall 2019, at least according to looks that I spotted on runway pictures. Although it has never been one of my go to colors, I definitely like the maturity of this color. I also love the versatility as it comes in so many different shades and for that reason can fit so many different complexions. I especially how it looks paired with black.

Finally, the last trend is the column skirt, but think the Claire Huxtable kind of column skirt. Bias cut skirts are very popular right now especially a particular leopard print, silk one that every influencer and their mama have right now (you know the one I am referring to :). But this denim skirt is another one of my thrifted finds, picked it up at my local Goodwill for about $5 and I also love pairing it for my library study sessions with flat mules, a tank and of course, an oversized blazer.

The Most Basic Fall Layer Ever

Outfit: Plaid Duster (available in red here) ◇ Jeans (here) ◇ Tank top (here) ◇ Shoes (here) ◇ Bag (Mak Nisy) 

I always love it when I see fashion brands play with silhouettes that flatter the plus size figure and as much as I love kimonos and dusters, I told myself that I was done buying anymore of them...until this plaid one caught my eye. 

There are a few things going on in this duster that make it a great piece to own. First, it is a plaid print. Second it is cut in the style of a fit flare shirt dress. I personally love shirt dresses so this is a win win for me. I also like the fact that the colors are pretty basic black and white with the stripes of mustard. 

The one thing that would have made this duster absolutely perfect would have been the addition of buttons along the front to give you the option of wearing it as a shirt dress or a duster. I was tempted to insert buttons on mine but I am absolutely lazy and horrendous with button holes...although I might brave it one day soon.

Dusters are perfect for that transition into Fall when the mornings are cool and the days are warm. They are an additional layer that will keep you cool without adding any bulk. The easiest way to style a duster for an effortlessly chic look is to style it with a monochromatic base. I picked out the deepest color in my duster which happened to be black and went with a simple black tank and jeans. This way the duster stands out as my statement piece.

My Stance on Fashion Right Now: Red My Mind

Outfit: Tie front sweater (here, available in multiple colors here) ◇ Sequin skirt (Color sold out, but available in a gorgeous green here) ◇ Shoes ( Up to size 12 here) ◇ Bag (Jakar Lagos


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