Plus Size DIY: Turtleneck Sweater Dress Using McCall's 6886

It's been a while innit? So much has happened since my last post! The biggest thing is that I got married to my love (insert heart emoji here) and that should explain my absence from the blog and all social media for the past few months. 

But...back to the matter at hand, which is the origin of this stunning but amazingly simple sweater dress. After the stress of the wedding, I hit my sewing studio with a vengeance as sewing is great for relaxation (that is, when you don't get frustrated by a certain suit lining that refuses to lay in place!). But while getting back into sewing, I happened to dig back into my stash of sewing patterns and found a pattern that I had been meaning to sew for years. Mccall's M6886 was a great pattern for sewing this basic, midi sweater dress. I added a turtleneck collar and gave the dress some added fitting below the hip for a more fitted, sleek look. But otherwise, stayed true to the original pattern.

Pattern: McCall's 6886 view B, I cut a size 20

Modifications: I added a self drafted collar for the turtleneck and came up about 1 inch higher on the front neckline in order for the collar to attach properly since the original bodice has a bit of a dip neck. And since I wanted a bodycon/fitted look, I took off about 1.5inches from each side from the bottom and shaped it up into the hip.  

Pros/Cons: It is a pretty easy pattern to follow and cutting and sewing took me less than two hours so I'll definitely be making multiple views and versions with this pattern. The only con here is that I didn't really care to be bothered with matching my stripes. I am way too lazy to be working with stripes or fabrics that require any sort of extra arrangement. Not the pattern's fault though, that's all me.

I used a striped knit fabric from the sale room at G street fabrics for $2.97/yard, so this dress was a steal and will be on heavy rotation this season, I've already worn it twice since it came off my machine.

Until next time!
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