Iridescent : Shades of pink

Ever noticed how a brooch can take a simple, ordinary piece of clothing like this blazer and transform it into something haute style? Since discovering this, I never take a brooch for granted even though some say it can be a bit outdated but hey, Claire Huxtable has always been one of my fashion inspirations and as I get older, I find that classy and ladylike mixed with some current, trendy pieces are my go to. I usually pick up one of a kind brooches from local thrift stores and online antique shops and this one was no different. 

Moving on to the other star of this show; these iridescent pumps. Wait for it...I picked them up for $11. Yes, eleven bucks at my local Macy's at the last act rack. I have found some gems on that rack for sure (even though some of them are questionable purchases but I just couldn't resist the price!).

I think I have talked about this denim brand before but they are my absolute favorite brand for my skinny jeans and it has to be their Abs technology line but I looooove their skinny jeans! It hugs my curves with just the right amount of stretch and comfort and it looks amazing. I have a few different styles from their Abs technology line.

I topped off this lilac lacy crop top with a stunningly pink blazer which I picked up from a local jaunt to Nordstrom rack, paired with a good ole skinny jean, iridescent pumps and a classy brooch for effect and you have a hot date night look or a drinks with the girls look.

Blazer (Nordstrom Rack) ~ Crop top (F21) ~ Jeans (Democracy via Nordstrom Rack) ~ Shoes (Macy's) ~ Bag (LV) ~ Brooch (Thrifted)
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