Hey guys!

Summer is almost over, can you believe it? I can't! And I am mourning the loss of these hot as heck days...even though I'm panting for Fall to arrive lol. I reinvested myself this Summer and it will forever be a memorable one for me. I rediscovered my love for sewing and started to make more of my own clothes and this suit is one of them.

I pulled out my sewing patterns to help me create this ankara short suit. I used the McCalls M6847 from the Fashion star series to create this sleeveless jacket and I cut an 18W. It was so easy to create, I will be making more of it in different fabrics. I opted out of a button and kept it open because who buttons up their jackets these days? Not me.

I made these pleated shorts to go with it and I must say, I love how it came out. 

Thanks for stopping by, until next time!
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