DIY Floral Faux Wrap Dress

Fun fact about me...nine out of ten times when I am getting dressed, I will reach for a dress. That's just who I am, a girl who loves dresses. But, like I've been telling myself for the past five years or so, I will try to get excited about pants very soon...yeah right.

This dress was inspired by a pinterest board that caught my eye and immediately I saw this gorgeous ankara fabric, i knew exactly what to do with it. The bold floral pattern did all the work here, a faux wrap, a circle skirt and a cold shoulder later, viola. 

As always, this pattern was drafted directly on fabric cos honestly, paper patterns scare and frustrate me. I envy anyone who can draft a pattern then transfer it to their fabric because it looks cool but if I try that, that project aint getting finished in about three months. So, fabric drafting it is for me!

DIY Racer Tank, Flared Dress

One beautiful thing I love about sewing, is the fact that I can quickly put together a pretty good looking outfit in a few hours. An example is this dress that I made in about 2.5hours and honestly, I feel great about it. As much as I love the challenge of creating something different and new, I also love creating something simple and easy as it is usually pretty quick instant gratification. 

I wanted to try out a racer neck tank dress, but ended up with a halter-ish neckline, which I did not mind at all since it turned out quiet nice. I added a circle flounce to the hem for a little more detail.

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