DIY Two Tone Wrap Dress

If you follow my IG stories, then you might have seen the story of this dress, as I posted a picture (see it below) with just the fabric pieces draped on my mannequin while I was plotting out its construction. Surprisingly it wasn't very difficult to accomplish and even though I made some mistakes along the way, I got it done in a pretty decent time. 

Can I just gush about these fabrics? The vibrant yellow and this gorgeous floral piece. I picked up both fabrics from a discount bin at one of my favorite shops on two different locations so I can't really give any details of the fabric specs but it has a great drape, and I knew that they would be beautiful paired together. I had a lot of yards to work with for this dress so I ended up lining it with the same fabric, which I think made the colors all the more vibrant, but at the same time, quite heavy.

I also initially planned for a sleeveless dress but since I'm learning to get familiar with constructing different types of sleeves, I decided to add a cold shoulder, double layered flare sleeve and looking at the finished product, I'm glad I did.

I cut the skirt as a four piece flare with the fabric folded in a triangle and that was also very easy to do because trust me, anything more than two pieces scare the crap out of me but four pieces are definitely better than eight that's for sure. 
My only regret with this dress is that I did not apply the two tone to the back as well, as opposed to the solid yellow.

Thanks for stopping by! 
Till next time,
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