DIY Floral Kimono: Flare Sleeve Detail

One of my must have items for Spring/Summer is a maxi kimono, isn't it yours as well? If it isn't you should honestly re-evaluate because it is such an easy piece that adds instant drama to any outfit. Be it a simple midi dress, shorts and a tank top or pants and a tank like I have on here. You can take any simple outfit and turn it into a fashion statement with a maxi kimono.

For this particular kimono, I added flare sleeves for a little something extra. I picked up this floral fabric about a year ago on a fabric spree and I initially planned on making voluminous pants with it but it ended up being a little too lightweight and I definitely did not want to line the pants so I shoved that idea for another day and impulsively cut out this freehand A-line kimono instead. You likey? I likey.

Here, I went for the drama by styling it with a jogger and heels but my favorite way to style this kimono is with a simple, black mini tank dress. Either way, its stunning.


Madam Too Much said...

Fantastic look and you are such an Inspiration!

Ola Dipo said...

Thank you!!!

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