DIY Blush Pleated Maxi Dress

There is something about neutral colors that just make anything look uber chic and expensive, especially blush tones which happens to be my favorite. I found this pleated fabric last year and knew that it would make a gorgeous maxi dress. So when i looked in my fabric stash and found a matching knit fabric in my stash, I figured I would skip a pleated bodice and make something form fitting and flattering to compliment the full, pleated skirt of the dress.

To add a little va va voom, I cut the bodice to showcase some cleavage, dipped the back and added straps. I also padded the bodice so that I can always skip a bra and still have some support. So here, I paired it with a matching bralette for some extra details. I threw on my blush tone maxi shirt dress over it and got some serious compliments while walking down city center.

Thanks for stopping by! Till next time



Ms R said...

Yes!! Love this inspiration. How long did it take you to make?

Madam Too Much said...

Another Fantastic look. You are Inspiring.

Unknown said...
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