Hey guys! Enjoying the cold and rain? Well, good for you because i can't say that I am. But the cold brings out one of my favorite article of clothing...winter coats! You already know of my love for oversized, colorful winter coats so get ready, I have been thrifting.

Somebody keep me from the berets! I can't help myself, I love wearing them. And can you blame me? When they make any outfit look Parisian? 
This look was no exception, I picked up this amazing sweater dress on my Fall haul and I am in like! It is comfortable and stunning without being high maintenance. By that I mean, you can wear your lightest shapewear without feeling constrained and this dress will still emphasize your shape.
Are you feeling the sock boot trend? I am and I picked up this bright red, block heel beauty for a steal.

I love how this look came out and these items will be making their rounds on the blog so watch out for them.

Fall Stripes

Did you guys feel the drastic change in weather? It was summer hot one day and fall cold the next, that took me by surprise I must admit. But with fall weather comes the chance to wear booties and I love me some booties. 

These ones are one of my favorite, they're sexy but comfy and that combo just melts my heel lovers' heart. I styled it with this striped dress i picked up on my recent fall haul and I just love this dress.

I added this belt to accentuate my waist and to soften the look a little bit and I love how it came out.


Happy new week guys! 

It's blazer season y'all! Now you already know my blazer game is strong and on fire so get ready. I 
picked up this hunter green beauty at site because longline blazers are still my fave. 
Can't wait to style this more casually, maybe with jeans.

Silken Leaves: Tie Detail Shirtdress

Hey guys!

I picked up this dress earlier on in the Summer but I found the fabric a bit too clingy for the hot weather so I threw it to the back of my closet. Fast forward these past few weeks with the cool mornings and this dress was just perfect. I styled them with my super chic and comfortable mustard mules and I was looking simple but chic!

Modern Vintage: Just in Time for Fall

Sweet relief! Fall is here! I was definitely one of those checking google for deets on the first day of Fall during the Summer and now that it's here, let the Fall fashion begin!

Bold prints are always in style for me, but this scarf print is definitely in this season and oh so gorgeous. I paired it with this beautiful mustard lace top that just screams Fall.

DIY Statement Snake print Scarf

Scarves are one of my favorite kind of accessories, they add some drama and you know I'm all about the drama (strictly in my fashion style, of course). I picked up 4 yards of this polyester snake print fabric from my favorite sale rack for $2.97/yard and just did a rolled hem around the edges. So easy, it literally took me about 5 minutes. I see more scarves in my future guys!


Hey guys!

Summer is almost over, can you believe it? I can't! And I am mourning the loss of these hot as heck days...even though I'm panting for Fall to arrive lol. I reinvested myself this Summer and it will forever be a memorable one for me. I rediscovered my love for sewing and started to make more of my own clothes and this suit is one of them.

I pulled out my sewing patterns to help me create this ankara short suit. I used the McCalls M6847 from the Fashion star series to create this sleeveless jacket and I cut an 18W. It was so easy to create, I will be making more of it in different fabrics. I opted out of a button and kept it open because who buttons up their jackets these days? Not me.

I made these pleated shorts to go with it and I must say, I love how it came out. 

DIY Silky Red Co-ord

Hello world, I hesitated to post this DIY just because the weather right now is totally the opposite of what it was when I shot this outfit but oh well, let's get all the summery outfits out of the way while we prepare for fall. 

 Maxi dresses, maxi skirts, anything maxi makes me happy so it's no surprise that my closet is overflowing with them, and I am constantly making more to add to my collection. But I just couldn't resist the drape of this blood red silky polyester fabric. I mean, do you blame me?
I also made this floral crop top to complete the look.

So, I am currently looking at patterns in preparation for my Fall/Winter wardrobe because my skills do not extend to coats and least for now. Any recommendations?

DIY Ruffled Hem Shift Dress

Happy Friday everyone! 

I know I say this all this time, but this has to be my favorite DIY of all time and for various reasons. #1 it took me less than four hours to make and that includes cutting and sewing time
#2 it has been a perfect wear for this crazzzzzy humid weather we've been having lately
#3 The stripes are so perfect, I wish I had left over fabric

But i have always loved shift dresses but could never find one that was perfect for my body type, so I decided to make one.
I picked up this fabric for $2.97 a yard from my fave local fabric store and knew that i wanted to play with the stripes so I mixed it up horizontally and vertically. I must say, it came out perfectly. I wore it to a craft event and everyone was asking me what pattern I used. Like you know, this dress was made without a pattern and i drafted directly on my fabric just because i'm lazy like that.
I paired it with my favorite heels right now, these uber feminine rhinestone bow heels. I love these shoes for two reasons, they're so beautiful and they're comfy, that's a home run in my book.

I am looking forward to making more shift dresses with even more creative hems and sleeves! Stay tuned guys! I can't wait!

Iridescent : Shades of pink

Ever noticed how a brooch can take a simple, ordinary piece of clothing like this blazer and transform it into something haute style? Since discovering this, I never take a brooch for granted even though some say it can be a bit outdated but hey, Claire Huxtable has always been one of my fashion inspirations and as I get older, I find that classy and ladylike mixed with some current, trendy pieces are my go to. I usually pick up one of a kind brooches from local thrift stores and online antique shops and this one was no different. 

Moving on to the other star of this show; these iridescent pumps. Wait for it...I picked them up for $11. Yes, eleven bucks at my local Macy's at the last act rack. I have found some gems on that rack for sure (even though some of them are questionable purchases but I just couldn't resist the price!).

I think I have talked about this denim brand before but they are my absolute favorite brand for my skinny jeans and it has to be their Abs technology line but I looooove their skinny jeans! It hugs my curves with just the right amount of stretch and comfort and it looks amazing. I have a few different styles from their Abs technology line.

I topped off this lilac lacy crop top with a stunningly pink blazer which I picked up from a local jaunt to Nordstrom rack, paired with a good ole skinny jean, iridescent pumps and a classy brooch for effect and you have a hot date night look or a drinks with the girls look.

Structured Casual: These Mules...

Cheers to the freaking weekend indeed.

 It's been a hectic couple of weeks for me as I find my footing in the world of grad school. Just in case you didn't know this (I didn't), and think that grad school is easy, news flash; it isn't. With due dates and deadlines to meet, plus a full time job, my ambition to DIY 95% of my closet is suffering. While that is the case, I do not want the blog to suffer with lack of content so I will be mixing it up with DIY outfits and purchased ones until my schedule permits me (if it ever does lol).
Anyways, I am kicking off my return to retail with this easy, casual yet structured look and the real MVP of this look is this chic but affordable mules from Target. I am wearing them in a size 11 even though I am usually a size 12 but the 11 fits perfectly on my wide feet and they make any outfit look chic and expensive. I styled my outfit around these mules, with a cropped high neck, joggers and these structured but lightweight, long-line blazer. 
This outfit was great for my early morning errands but in this weather, definitely not an all day ensemble. Hence Fall, I await you.

DIY Floral Faux Wrap Dress

Fun fact about me...nine out of ten times when I am getting dressed, I will reach for a dress. That's just who I am, a girl who loves dresses. But, like I've been telling myself for the past five years or so, I will try to get excited about pants very soon...yeah right.

This dress was inspired by a pinterest board that caught my eye and immediately I saw this gorgeous ankara fabric, i knew exactly what to do with it. The bold floral pattern did all the work here, a faux wrap, a circle skirt and a cold shoulder later, viola. 

As always, this pattern was drafted directly on fabric cos honestly, paper patterns scare and frustrate me. I envy anyone who can draft a pattern then transfer it to their fabric because it looks cool but if I try that, that project aint getting finished in about three months. So, fabric drafting it is for me!

DIY Racer Tank, Flared Dress

One beautiful thing I love about sewing, is the fact that I can quickly put together a pretty good looking outfit in a few hours. An example is this dress that I made in about 2.5hours and honestly, I feel great about it. As much as I love the challenge of creating something different and new, I also love creating something simple and easy as it is usually pretty quick instant gratification. 

I wanted to try out a racer neck tank dress, but ended up with a halter-ish neckline, which I did not mind at all since it turned out quiet nice. I added a circle flounce to the hem for a little more detail.

DIY Floral Maxi Dress

Can we take a minute to appreciate this gorgeous fabric? Believe it or not, I also picked this up from a discount bin at one of my favorite fabric stores in my area. I originally didn't know what to make with it but for $2.97 a yard, it went in my fabric stash. So when my best friend said she wanted her girls to wear anything with a touch of pink for her baby shower, I knew exactly what fabric I was going to use. 
I decided to make this ruffled off shoulder, a line maxi dress. The shoulder strap was a last minute addition that just added an instant touch of glam to a simple silhouette.  

DIY Blush Pleated Maxi Dress

There is something about neutral colors that just make anything look uber chic and expensive, especially blush tones which happens to be my favorite. I found this pleated fabric last year and knew that it would make a gorgeous maxi dress. So when i looked in my fabric stash and found a matching knit fabric in my stash, I figured I would skip a pleated bodice and make something form fitting and flattering to compliment the full, pleated skirt of the dress.

To add a little va va voom, I cut the bodice to showcase some cleavage, dipped the back and added straps. I also padded the bodice so that I can always skip a bra and still have some support. So here, I paired it with a matching bralette for some extra details. I threw on my blush tone maxi shirt dress over it and got some serious compliments while walking down city center.

DIY Ankara Dress With Handmade Floral Neckline

Can we start by admiring this dress? Isn't it such glam? I was gifted some ankara fabrics by an aunt while I was in Nigeria and this gorgeous salmon print with lime green details was one of them. I immediately knew that I wanted to highlight the lime green and decided to do that with these handmade organza flowers, and I added some crystal beads in the centers to give an extra pop.

I cut the organza in 6x40inchs strips, folded it into half lengthwise and the sewed a long stitch down the length. I then gathered the organza from both ends and hand sewed it in a circle to form the flower. I know it sounds complicated, but it really isn't though it does take some time. But I would gladly do these flowers again and again, I love them that much!

I added a hi-lo peplum to the hem and created a bit of drama by forming a kissing pleat at the back. The pleated detail was a bit of a risk because I didn't know how it would turn out, but I think it came out great. I love how this dress came out, but I've been in a pants mood lately. Watch out, lots of pants may be coming soon!

DIY Two Tone Wrap Dress

If you follow my IG stories, then you might have seen the story of this dress, as I posted a picture (see it below) with just the fabric pieces draped on my mannequin while I was plotting out its construction. Surprisingly it wasn't very difficult to accomplish and even though I made some mistakes along the way, I got it done in a pretty decent time. 

Can I just gush about these fabrics? The vibrant yellow and this gorgeous floral piece. I picked up both fabrics from a discount bin at one of my favorite shops on two different locations so I can't really give any details of the fabric specs but it has a great drape, and I knew that they would be beautiful paired together. I had a lot of yards to work with for this dress so I ended up lining it with the same fabric, which I think made the colors all the more vibrant, but at the same time, quite heavy.

I also initially planned for a sleeveless dress but since I'm learning to get familiar with constructing different types of sleeves, I decided to add a cold shoulder, double layered flare sleeve and looking at the finished product, I'm glad I did.

I cut the skirt as a four piece flare with the fabric folded in a triangle and that was also very easy to do because trust me, anything more than two pieces scare the crap out of me but four pieces are definitely better than eight that's for sure. 
My only regret with this dress is that I did not apply the two tone to the back as well, as opposed to the solid yellow.

DIY Floral Kimono: Flare Sleeve Detail

One of my must have items for Spring/Summer is a maxi kimono, isn't it yours as well? If it isn't you should honestly re-evaluate because it is such an easy piece that adds instant drama to any outfit. Be it a simple midi dress, shorts and a tank top or pants and a tank like I have on here. You can take any simple outfit and turn it into a fashion statement with a maxi kimono.

For this particular kimono, I added flare sleeves for a little something extra. I picked up this floral fabric about a year ago on a fabric spree and I initially planned on making voluminous pants with it but it ended up being a little too lightweight and I definitely did not want to line the pants so I shoved that idea for another day and impulsively cut out this freehand A-line kimono instead. You likey? I likey.

Here, I went for the drama by styling it with a jogger and heels but my favorite way to style this kimono is with a simple, black mini tank dress. Either way, its stunning.

DIY Bold Floral Pleated Circle Skirt

It is no secret that I love a good statement skirt, full flared, circle, pleated, gathered, you name it and I love it. There's just something very lady like and fascinating about it that has always caught my interest. I would have definitely fit in fashion wise with the era when dress and skirts were the only normal for women. Imagine me, with my corsets and full skirts complete with a pair of gloves lol. Well, thank goodness those days are dead and gone!
Now on to the project of creating 90% of my wardrobe, you know there must be a multitude of statement skirts in there somewhere. And I kick started them with this absolutely stunning floral fabric. I fell in love as soon as I saw this fabric, even though it was very much out of my budget but I saw it and knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. 
This skirt was very easy and quick to make, as I cut it in a circle and just added two pleats to the front and two to the back.
I paired it with this ruffled neckline piece from Fashion to Figure that is actually a mini dress, but it served a different purpose here.

DIY Diagonal Pleated Dress (Ankara)

Hello loves! My mission to create my own wardrobe continues with this simple and easy beauty that only took me a day to complete. I combined an ankara and ponte knit fabric to create this simple but classy dress with a twist.

I originally sketched this dress with gathers as opposed to kissing pleats but changed my mind in the process of designing it and i am so glad i did, because the pleats just look a lot more sophisticated than the gathers would have. To reduce the workload of this dress, I added the pleats to the completed dress as opposed to sewing it as separate pieces. 

DIY Flared Floral Maxi Dress

So...I've been away for a while haven't I? Don't panic but I've just been busy living life and falling in love. But I am back! And with a vengeance this time, because 98% of the content you will be seeing on this blog will be made by me, myself and I. Yes, DIY fashion! Are you as excited as I am? It was a big move making this decision but I am excited and can't wait to show you some of the stuff I have been creating. 

Let's start with this full flared, off shoulder floral maxi dress. I fell in love with this fabric at a place called vegetable market in Benin, Nigeria and knew I had to have it. Believe it or not, it is actually an African fabric called ankara, though it looks nothing like the traditional ankara. I knew instantly what I wanted to make with it and if I may say so myself, I pulled it off to a tee. The beauty about making your own clothes is the ability to get exactly what you want, how you want it. For example, I love my maxi dresses to sweep the floor but have always have issues with dresses being too long or just not long enough but those are a thing of the past now.

No patterns were used in making this dress, I drafted it free hand since that is something I love doing and I am learning more about. I am not saying that I will never be using patterns but it will be at a minimal and only if I am having problems creating something specific.

Dress: OlaMoreena(DIY)

Modern Day Cinderella: Shoes of Prey

Most of my readers know that I belong in the big foot club wearing a solid size 12, so it is no surprise that one of the most popular questions I receive is "where do you get your shoes from?". 
I understand and also deal with the frustrations of these women who struggle daily with finding beautiful shoes just because of the size of our feet. 
It's like the shoe designers have decided that if you're above the size 10/11 cut off mark, you can't possibly deserve to or have the desire to wear anything remotely feminine. We're allocated the matronly looking, boring design and colors that our grandmothers used to wear back in their days.
That is, until brands like Shoes of Prey came around and changed the game. The first time I discovered this brand, I remember browsing the website for hours, just amazed by the infinite possibilities and I ended up ordering a pair of animal print pumps.
Shoes of prey is a brand that specializes in customizable shoes with infinite possibilities so you have tons of options to create the perfect one of a kind shoe, or create a classic, or even a trendy in style piece. 
My concept for my pair of heels today was a cinderella campaign but I gave Cinderella a make over and skipped the glass slippers for a fabulous pair of glittery heels, definitely not a design that would have been available in my size anywhere else for sure. So, my fellow big footed ladies, check them out and let me know what you think! And tiny footed ladies, have no fear, Shoes of Prey carries from size 2 to 15! And, they also carry narrow to wide widths! Where else?
Designing shoes from Shoes of Prey is always an easy ordeal definitely nothing intimidating at all, as they have templates that you build on to create your very own one of a kind design.

Also, use the code "ROADTOFASHIONABLE" for a free inscription on your own design, what else would make your shoe more unique?! I love cliche inscriptions so likely you'll see something cheesy with a heart on mine lol.

True Decadence

Happy Easter!
Our savior is risen! And as we celebrate let us keep in mind the sacrifice of His death and the joy of His resurrection!

 And I am celebrating this day with this pleated, maxi, cold shoulder dress from True Decdence by Asos that is unfortunately sold out but I am so glad I grabbed this before it did!
All this dress required was a pair of statement earrings and I was good to go.

I have officially rediscovered my love for statement earrings y'all and I am in love more than ever! These gorgeous pearl studded pair was from my local FTF and I will enjoy wearing them this Summer.

DIY Spring Cascade Jacket

It seems warm weather is here to stay loves! And nobody is as excited as I am for some sunshine, nobody!
A few months ago, I indulged in my itch to create something and hand drafted this oversized cascade jacket all by myself! Y'all know I ain't fake humble so I definitely give myself kudos for how this jacket came out because I am a baby when it comes to sewing, talk even less of drafting. I wanted something easy to throw on for a comfy yet glam look, thus the color and fabric. 
I paired my fave Spring jacket with my sporty skinnies, a lace up shirt and this super affordable rose gold heels for a chic look.
And I cannot get enough of my Neverfull GM! I know people say its a huge bag for everyday use but I adore gigantic bags and this one is no different. I just think huge bags go well with my body frame I guess lol. I have been carrying this bag everywhere and I love how I found the perfect bag organizer to give it a bit of a structured look whenever I want. If you want details on my super affordable organizer, shoot me an email!

Kimono Blues

Spring has finally sprung and I am so excited for warmer weather! 
It isn't any new news that I love the Gabrielle Union's designs for New York & Company and that I am a faithful customer. Today's look is from an old collection of hers but this kimono-esque top is one of my favorite purchases from her line.
I paired it with a royal blue asymmetrical skirt also from her line and this look never fails to draw eyes.

Sequin Treasures with ThredUp

Happy Spring everyone! Here's to hoping for better weather days ahead because I was ready for Spring about a month ago.
Some of you might not remember or be aware of this but just years back when I first started blogging, the fashion blogsphere was filled with thrifters. That was the big thing back then, thrifting. Now it's all about name brands and in trend items but back then, finding great pieces at a bargain was considered a skill but unfortunately, that skill has been thrown for new and in items.
I still hone my thrifting skills every now and then and imagine my delight when a company called ThredUp contacted me to try out their services. ThredUp is the largest online thrift store and consignment store that provides second hand and sometimes brand new pieces of clothing and accessories at a huge deal for the bargain shoppers and deal finders.
I received a $50 credit that I used in purchasing this brand new Eloquii sequin dress and a denim skirt that will be featured soon.
I love this dress so much that I would have bought this dress at full price, but to have gotten it for such a deal, you can't beat that. The empire waist silhouette makes it such an hassle free, easy glam look and I styled it with my statement gold belt and gold heels for a formal look.
Since this is a consignment/thrift store, you most likely will not be able to purchase this same dress from there but take a look at all their other offerings, as they have a very extensive plus size section.
This look is honestly waaaay overdue since I received this package a few weeks ago but work and weather have been quite an obstacle lately.
Thanks to ThredUp for their patience!

Striped & Longline

How I wish this weather would come back, it just seems like this Winter is one of the longest Winters ehver! (according to my niece lol). 
The brand I'm working with today I'm sure is pretty much a name most women who are into fashion have heard about. Their clothing has graced the bodies of celebrities and non-celebrities alike, and good news is that, unlike other successful brands, they have drastically expanded their plus section and it is growing daily. Yes, I am talking about FashionNova.
If you haven't heard of this brand, you must not be on social media because they are a fave amongst bloggers and celebrities alike and if you haven't tried them, what are you waiting for? Please do because this brand has quick, easy and very affordable items and they carry something for everybody regardless of what your style is. 

I received this blazer and pencil skirt and there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to pair them together. I love longline blazers and unfortunately it seems like a specialty item for us plus sized women so all my longline blazers are usually thrifted. So when I saw this one, I knew I had to have it and kept he look very minimal with the crop top and the pencil skirt which fits like a glove by the way. I gave this outfit a pop of color by adding these hot pink heels.
I will definitely be adding some more Fashion Nova items to my closet.
Use code "OLAMOREENA" for a discount on your purchase!

Forever Florals.

I have come to a realization, I will never grow out of the love I have for florals. I have come to peace with that conclusion and I am okay with it because I love a good floral piece. This floral set  will be on heavy rotation this Spring, I just know it!

Structured Peplum

Hi there!
I absolutely love a good looking peplum jumpsuit. I mean, what's not to love? It's a jumpsuit that enhances what you want and hides what you don't. Whoever designed the first peplum jumpsuit deserves an award for sure. This is not my first peplum jumpsuit and it sure won't be my last, see here for one of my favorites!

I kept this one simple with minimal sandals but added a statement belt for some contrast to the white. I am all ready for a white party this Summer, just waiting for my invite!

Plum Dreams With Terra & Sky: Cold Shoulder & Linen Pants


Spring is knocking! And I can't wait to open the door to bold, bright and beautiful colors this season. I'm dreaming of Spring with this gorgeous purple cold shoulder top paired with soft drawstring pants from Terra & Sky by Walmart. 

Yes, Walmart. You didn't read it wrong, my outfit today is from a brand called Terra & Sky which is exclusively carried at Walmart. So, if you're looking for comfort combined with style, check out Terra & Sky.

Oversized Luxury: Faux Fur Mongolian Coat & Tassel Earrings

Hi guys!

This coat was not an impromptu purchase for me, not by any chance. I stalked it, overthought it, changed my mind about it, determined that I didn't need it, but it stayed on my mind for weeks and I lived with the terror that it would get sold out in my size before I made up my mind! All of this nonsense over a piece of clothing? That's how I knew, that me and this coat were meant to be together.

I have worn this coat many many times but never got around to shooting any pictures with it this Winter but it was one of my to do items before Spring so while I hate the current cold weather and crazy wind, I am glad that I still get a chance to wear my favorite coat before packing it away for the coming season.

I typically keep it really simple anytime I wear this coat, I mean just look at it, it is a statement all on it's own and it sure does not need any help to stand out. 
I actually love wearing it with sneakers for a chic, casual look and it never fails to pull in the compliments. 
As with majority of my coats, I ordered it in a size bigger just because I absolutely love an oversized coat! It's a side effect of all the Korean dramas that I enjoy, oversized coats are a way of life for them and it looks fabulous. 

By the way, can we talk about these tassel earrings? Uh...I love them! I picked them up from my local Nordstrom Rack and they only had this pair left so I am currently stalking the internet for a variety of colors, because I have a feeling they will come in handy this Summer.

She Wolf: Red Tulip Boutique

Just in time for Spring, this stunning shaggy "cardigan" arrived on my doorstep. Now the word cardigan is hyphenated for the fact that this piece of clothing is a bit more advanced than a basic cardigan. It has these little strands of silver that add such a flair to the piece, I could definitely have styled it over a little black dress for a night out. and I probably still will (when I have somewhere to go). This piece is called the She-Wolf and I can see why, it is uber glam!

Today, this cardigan was provided by brand called Red Tulip Boutique and if you've never heard of them, check them out. They're a unique brand that caters to the plus size woman and the main reason I enjoyed working with this brand is due to their uniqueness. They don't carry pieces that are available in every online boutique you can think of. I found their pieces to be creative, fun, chic but comfortable and they carry sizes 10-28!

I kept it dressy with the sheer bodysuit and faux leather but you couldn't go wrong with styling this piece.
Red Tulip Boutique is giving my readers a 10% off code (roadtofashionable10). And if you do decide on making a purchase, feel free to use it and it is NOT an affiliate link.
Follow Red Tulip Boutique

Athleisure with Terra & Sky: Two Toned Jogger & Criss Cross Details

Just in case you missed the memo, athleisure is the new hot trend, and I am all for it! So is Terra & Sky with this atheisure two toned jogger which I styled with heels and the athleisure sweatshirt for a comfy but casual coffee break. 
I love the two toned jogger and the criss-cross detail at the back of this sweatshirt, it adds a little extra something to a basic silhouette and I am a sucker for little details like that. 
Skip the heels and pair this outfit with some sneakers and you have yet another #ootd from Terra & Sky

Maximum Impact: Floral Maxi & A Bold Belt

Hi there! Hope your week is off to a great start, I'm currently editing pictures while munching on some mochi balls. you haven't tried them? Don't. At least not if you do not want another addiction, I promise.

No words of wisdom for today's look, so just enjoy the pictures and see you tomorrow!

Coincidential Power Suit.

Don't you just love it when two separate pieces of clothing fit so well together you mistake them for a set? That's what happened with this "power suit" set, so don't get too excited to see a link to this awesome "suit".
Years ago when I was in college, I was a thrift store fanatic but somehow that awesome skill (yes, thrifting is a skill) got pushed aside but I am telling you, I have been feeling the thrifting bug lately. There's nothing like the feeling of finding a unique piece of clothing for pocket change. That's what happened with this red double breasted blazer. I found it on one of my jaunts to my local thrift store and coincidentally, it pairs very well with this basic pants.

On display :: Twist Front Crop Top & Sleeveless Vest

Confession, I have a thing for sleeveless vests I mean, who doesn't? There's just something crisp and clean about a structured sleeveless vest. Another thing to love about them, is their versatility. You can dress them up but you can also throw them on over a pair of jeans and tee and have yourself a simple yet chic look. And I am all about chic comfort.
This time I paired it with a cropped shirt and one of my favorite jeans ever from a brand called democracy. I am telling you, if you haven't tried their jeans you need to ASAP. I am wearing one of their Ab technology pair and I love it so much I have about four pairs from this brand. So check them out and let me know what you think!

Good Jeans: Destroyed denim dress & Thigh high peep toes

This weather is playing games with me! Some days it's as warm as a Spring day that I forget that it really isn't lol. On one of those days, I wore this destroyed denim dress and luckily paired it with these thigh high peep toe boots. 

I love this dress, though it might be a little too risqué for some not only due to the cut out details that can expose some of your lady bits if you're not careful, but also because of the length. Just in case you didn't notice, this dress is well above the knees. It is definitely the shortest dress I have worn since my teenage years but the thigh highs kept me modest.

Now, let's get into this boot. As much as I would love to tell you guys that it is amazing and all that jazz, it really isn't. It is frustrating and very annoying to have your boots sliding down your thighs every two minutes and jokes aside, that is what you'll deal with if you're wearing this boot, at least that's what I dealt with. So if you've found the perfect thigh high boots for a thick thighed sister, please let me know and I'll bake you a cookie, I promise.

Shein Plus Sizes: Off Shoulder Ruffles

Hey hey! How you doin?
I'm rounding up my Shein series with this sexy number right here, this off shoulder tiered dress. I love this dress y'all! I love the tiered ruffles, I think it elevates this dress from just being an off shoulder dress. Like I said in my previous post, I was also surprised by the fabric quality of this dress,  you guys know how much I hate slinky fabrics but this dress is made from a pretty sturdy knit fabric that is well suited for the plus size figure. 

I kept to the sexy vibe of this dress and paired it with an animal print pumps and bag. 

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