Love, Minnie

If there is one thing I know about myself, it is the fact that I will never be too old for Disney. Even when I'm sitting in my rocking chair clutching my pearls, I will still have a thing for Minnie Mouse. So when I saw this Minnie Mouse sweatshirt, I knew it was meant to be.
Animated tees/sweats are not really my thing but every once in awhile, an exception has to be made. Since this sweatshirt is already really super casual, I "dressed it up" with these grommet cutout jeans and grey pumps. Also check out my coat, I love the knit sleeves which gives this coat a casual, chic vibe. You can usually find me running my errands in this coat and some sneakers during my days off.


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Grommet jeans: here
Minnie sweatshirt: Sold out (alternative here)
Knitted sleeve coat: here
Heels: here
Crossbody: Target

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