DIY Polkadot Pleated Skirt

Bring Christmas back! Does anyone else get nostalgic when Christmas is over? I guess for me it's because that marks the beginning of a new year. As much as I am looking forward to that, I already miss this year. 

Moving on, I don't really do new year's resolutions but i have decided to make more of the pieces in my wardrobe. One of the reasons is because I kinda get bored with seeing the same designs over and over again from some of my favorite brands, and I want more originality in my closet as i get older. 

Since i love full skirts so much, I decided to make a pleated midi skirt with this fabric I picked up on sale for barely $15. I freehanded this design since it's pretty straight forward. Only thing is, I skipped out on pockets because I was pressed for time but that won't happen again, because I desperately wished for pockets when I wore this skirt. Kept this look pretty simple, because the skirt does all the talking.

Christmas Ready: The Perfect LBD

Merry Christmas!!! Can you believe it's Christmas already? I can't. I swear this year went by faster than I anticipated but I am definitely ready for a new year to start.
There's really not much to say about this look, it is a no fuss, classy look because the dress does all the work for you. I went the extra mile and paired it with a cascading necklace (that I have been searching high and low for a deep lunge neckline to style with) and a formal belt. But this dress looks just as beautiful and elegant without any accessorization honestly.

Love, Minnie

If there is one thing I know about myself, it is the fact that I will never be too old for Disney. Even when I'm sitting in my rocking chair clutching my pearls, I will still have a thing for Minnie Mouse. So when I saw this Minnie Mouse sweatshirt, I knew it was meant to be.
Animated tees/sweats are not really my thing but every once in awhile, an exception has to be made. Since this sweatshirt is already really super casual, I "dressed it up" with these grommet cutout jeans and grey pumps. Also check out my coat, I love the knit sleeves which gives this coat a casual, chic vibe. You can usually find me running my errands in this coat and some sneakers during my days off.

Above Average: Basic Jogger & Sequin Sweatshirt

You probably already know this but Gabrielle Union has an ongoing collaboration with one of my go to stores, New York & Company (who by the way have acquired one of my other go to's Fashion to Figure). But back to Gabrielle Union, her collection is always chic, stylish and trendy but still affordable. Whenever she releases a new collection, best believe I always own a few pieces. 

One of the pieces I enjoyed from her latest collection is this sequin sweatshirt that is just so extra glam. What I love about it though, is that it is tastefully glamorous, not loud and tasteless as some sequin designs can be. I kept it simple and played to the sporty vibe by pairing it with a basic black jogger and some booties. I was channeling J-Lo in this look with the ponytail and big hoops, can you tell?

Faux Fur & Horizontal Striped Dress

I really truly contemplated posting this outfit, just for the fact that almost every item I am wearing is either sold out or really old. But then I thought to myself, so what? It's still a pretty darn good-looking outfit, maybe someone might be inspired to try something similar someday. 

I love this striped sweater dress so much, it has been on rotation for the past few months. For this look, I paired it with an oversized sleeveless vest and a faux fur scarf that I picked up from Full Beauty about a month ago. Apparently, I am not the only one who fell in love with this scarf as it is already sold out. Now I'm wishing I had gotten the grey version as well. 

Lavender Glory

Lavender is one of those colors that will never go out of style. It's classy, soft and sexy, making it one of those colors that are identified as "feminine" colors. Ever since my decision to wear more colors as opposed to black, I have discovered a love for anything lavender. Here's another lavender look I wore sometime last year. 

This simple, stylish yet casual look is actually pretty easy to pull off. The heels are the difference between a casual vs a dressy look. Swapping out the heels for athletic wear would have given this outfit a complete makeover. This off the shoulder sweater definitely adds to the glam factor of this outfit, I definitely like the fact that I can wear it fully off the shoulder or just over one shoulder, definitely a multitasked.

Not Really a Three Piece

So, an impromptu invite for a Saturday night out had me pulling these velvet goodies out of my closet, unintentionally creating a three piece that I absolutely felt scrumptious in. An added bonus was how comfortable this outfit was, very very sexy without being too revealing. I picked up the crop top and pants from the same store but they were sold as separates. 

Velvet is a pretty hot trend right now but unfortunately, it is also very seasonal. You most definitely cannot wear this three piece velvet ensemble during the summer. Well you could, but you would produce sweat as fast as you could wipe them. So make sure you wear all of those velvet dresses, tops and pants that you've picked up over this holiday period before they have to be retired.

Trends To Try: Metallic Pleated Skirt

It's a new week but some old things are new again, like this pleated skirt for instance.
The pleated skirts are back to stay honey! Though I feel like they've always been around, personally I always have a few pleated skirts in my closet at all times just because they are the real MVP when it comes to easy breezy comfort. They rarely require shapewear and a bonus, they give off a certain good girl vibe without being boring, so consider a pleated skirt if you're meeting the in laws for the first time lol.

This particular metallic silver pleated skirt is a new favorite of mine for various reasons. One, the movement is absolutely divine, it just glides across your thighs like silk but the best part is that it does this without loosing the sharp pleats! I have a few pleated skirts that open up while you're moving and I do not like that look. But because this silver fabric is a bit heavier, it moves without loosing the pleats and that makes it a keeper in my book. Add in the knee high split in the front and it stole my heart. I am actually thinking about opening up the split a bit more to make it a thigh high as opposed to the current knee high split. Watch out, the next time you see this skirt, I may be flashing thighs for days!

Embroidered Topper Jacket

Am I old fashioned? Are turtlenecks out of style and dated? If so, I accept my sentence because I love turtleneck sweaters (but I hate the name though) I think high necks would be a better term:) But seriously, I wear turtleneck sweaters all the time during the colder weather and thinking about it, it's because of the warmth they offer since I never button up my coats. I almost always wear my coats unbuttoned regardless of how cold it is and I prefer to keep myself warm with turtlenecks or scarfs so they are not falling off my radar anytime soon.

This topper jacket is so classy and elegant, I can imagine it conquering board meetings or in my case, cruising down the streets of DC. Lucite heels completed the rugged sleekness of this look.

Just in time for the holidays...

Well well well! I cannot believe that it's been four months since my last post! Honestly, all I can say is that I was busy living life! Thank you to all of you guys who sent me emails and DMs just to check in on me to make sure I was alright. I am well, I am blessed and I am ready to get back to blogging, so let's get started shall we?

Faux fur doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon so I caved in and picked up this multicolor fur coat recently. It is definitely a statement piece and I absolutely love it because it is very versatile. I can style this coat with a LBD for a formal event, with jeans and a tee for date night and the list can go on. The only thing is, I do wish it was in a longer length but you already know I am a sucker for a midi coat. 
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