Summer White: Lace & Pleated Maxi Dress

Dress here ~ Belt here ~ Old heels ~ Clutch here

Hi loves! It's been a bit slow around here hasn't it?! Don't worry, things will kick back up soon. 
This dress right here, words cannot express how I feel about it lol. I received this dress from Eloquii for the blogger event that I co hosted alongside ChiChi, Val and Viv last month at the Pentagon City location. I must say this dress was one of the hits of that event for sure. One thing, it was sold out in what seemed like hours! But good news, its back in stock! But I didn't get enough pictures with this dress that day so I decided to reshoot it in downtown DC and I was getting congratulations right, left and center because folks thought I was doing a pre wedding photoshoot lol. 
This dress is pretty remarkable honestly and I paired it with this gold, bow belt for some added glam.

Dress c/o Eloquii

Thanks for stopping by!


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