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 What I'm Wearing
Dress (Not new, similar look here, love this denim version here) ~ Jacket (very old, love this here and  here) ~ Shoes (not new, love this here)

Hello world! Happy new week!
I came to a decision this week regarding my blog. Whether we bloggers like to admit it or not, we sometimes cave to the blog pressure. I don't mean this in a bad way but the reality is that we sometimes do things just for the sake of our blogs and one of those things is buying clothes. Ok let me make this specific to myself, I have found myself buying somethings that I don't really need just because I want to take pictures with it and post it on my blog. Not that I do this all the time, because the things you see me wearing on my blog definitely make their rotation in my day to day life. But the point I'm making is; if I were not a blogger, would I have bought that? Maybe not. When I started my blog, I started with the intention of documenting what I was wearing to classes in college and it has since evolved from that. Especially since I do not wear street clothes in my career life but wear scrubs all the time. Now my blog is basically a documentary of looks that are meant to inspire anyone visiting this page so maybe one day when you're getting dressed, you'll think about a look you saw here and decide to try something similar out. I remember getting dressed for classes and pulling up Gabifresh's blog just to see what she wore lately just for inspiration before I picked out what to wear. 

So in that note, I have decided to consciously ask myself before making any purchase if I would have  bought it if I wasn't a blogger. I know some of you are like "duh", and like i said, I don't do this often but it does happen. So, from now on my looks might not be available for you to purchase or it might be from eons of years ago but it will be items that I wear all the time and there will be a lot of repetition going on. Just a heads up!




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