Recently a fellow blogger posted a bomb picture of herself slaying a horizontal striped outfit and stated that she was once trolled for wearing stripes and I said what?! In what day and age? Maybe the 1800's? If you are viewing this post right now and you have that misconception, please discard of it and I hope this post will further help to remove that misconception from your mind. I am wearing horizontal stripes and no, I do not look bigger or wider. If you are reluctant to try horizontal stripes, I think this co-ord will be a good starting point for you because it has blocks of solid color that might make it a bit easier.

When I picked up this set, Vivi said to me "Cool, I can't wait to see how you style it". And I said to her "I can't do much because it has already styled itself". Which is very true, this is one of those outfits that have done all the work for you, just a pair of heels and you will be looking well dressed. 
I on the other hand, being as extra as I tend to be, added an extra oomph with this rhinestone choker and heels. 



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