Camel + Camo

 Here I was thinking it was time to start retiring my coats for the season but out of nowhere mother nature changed her mind and brought the cold. It was about 70 degrees just last week and today it's snowing cats and dogs! Since the cold was back last week, I pulled out one of my good ole favorite coats, a super warm turtleneck and braved the elements.

Thinking about it, most of my favorite coats have been from my local thrift store which makes a lot of sense because vintage coats are the new chic thing. If you watch shows from the 80's for example the Cosby show (don't crucify me, I love the Cosby show), Clair always had the most beautiful coats and even now, I still want to steal her closet. If you had Clair Huxtable's closet in this day and age, you would be the chicest of all chics. And you know why? Because the old is new right now. And my love for vintage coats has been present for a long time, the colors, the volume, the statement of them just grabs my attention and won't let go! I will take a vintage coat over a boring store bought one any day (unless of course the store bought one was oversized, midi/maxi and bright with gold plated buttons lol)

This camel coat was one of my best thrifted treasures, it has been with me from size 22 to size 14/16 and it will remain with me even if in an alternate universe I become a size 2 someday *insert laugh/crying emoji*


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