Caged & Sheer.

Following trends is most times looked at in a negative light and while I understand and agree with the rationale, I will acknowledge that some trends are just too good to skip on just because it is a trend. You just have to make it your own and use it to reflect your taste and style, do not ever switch your style around to include a trend. Also not all trends are for you, know which ones to simply admire and pass up and which ones you want to try. 

On that note, remember when the sheer bodysuit was all the rage? Everybody just had to have one in their closets, myself included *eye roll*. Well, getting it was the easy part, wearing it out in public was another matter entirely. It's definitely doable, I have actually styled it for a night out with a longline bra but I never quite over my mildly conservative fashion sense to style it with just a bra during the daytime. I guess, if I threw a jacket over it but that defeats the purpose of it, doesn't it?

Then there's this caged bodysuit, another beautiful but not very practical piece since it barely holds my girls in place or if you do get your girls just right, the straps get all tangled and messed up *le sigh*. So I got this pretty genius idea (in my opinion), to wear these two difficult items together and guess what? I think they are a match made in heaven honestly, they go together like bread and butter!

SHEER BODYSUIT (popupplusonline)~ CAGED BODYSUIT (sold out) ~ SKIRT ~ SHOES & BAG (not new) 


Madam Too Much said...

You are Oh so Feminine and So Chic. Enjoy!

Ola Dipo said...

@Mz Neti Thank you so much!

Vivi N. said...

LOVED that you paired both together. Now, it looks like a true bodysuit that can be sold in stores. Great styling, Ola!

Ola Dipo said...

@Vivi N. Thanks!

Unknown said...

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