Powder Blue.

What I'm Wearing
Sweater ~ Old skirt (Similar here and here ) ~ Shoes (up to size 15!) ~ Choker 

Surprise!!! Its a new 'do! Well, if you already follow me on social media then this is no surprise to you since I've been red headed for about a week now. I decided to try something new for Spring, hence the red hair, how do you like it? I am loving it so far.
Anyways, what else screams Spring like the color powder blue? There is just something so delicate and soft about it, just like the new flowers that bloom at Spring. I kept this outfit pretty monochromatic and added some statement heels for a pop.

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Pinstripes & Parrots

What I'm Wearing
Top (some crop top I'm loving here and here) ~ Skirt (love this herehere and here) ~ Old heels (similar)

If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll probably already know that I wore this outfit for a segment on Fox 5 DC for the promo of Eloquii's first brick and mortar in our very own DMV a few weeks ago.  Full midi skirts have got to be one of my favorite things in the whole wide world, I have an ever growing collection in my closet. I particularly like this one because it is a statement piece and such a conversation starter. 
Since pinstripes have suddenly become the cool kid on the block, I ended up with my very first with this cropped, tie front, pinstripe top and I gotta say, it's pretty cool in my eyes too.


What I'm Wearing
Skirt (old, alternative) ~ Cami (old, alternative

Remember the color blocking days? I do! And honestly I could never quite find the right colors that didn't make me look like a baboon lol. Well, those color blocking days are long gone but there are still glimpses of it here and there in the fashion community. 
The first time I wore this skirt, I styled it with a sheer bodysuit and it was gorgeous yes, but I felt like it didn't do anything to showcase the regality of this skirt. So this time, I decided on a silk camisole because what says regal like silk?

Oldies: Embellished Sweater & Knee High Boots

As much as we love it, it's very easy for the mini skirt and thigh high boots combo to look very pretty womanish, quite unfortunate but true. But there are ways to work around this hassle, I have found that one way is to style them with a modest, free sweater or tee. That way, the only skin on display are your thighs. I tend to follow the old fashion rule that says if you're showing skin on top, keep the bottom modest and vice versa. How do you wear the mini skirt and thigh high boots combo?

Faux Wrap Skirt & Patterned Crop Top

Happy Monday guys! Hope you had a good weekend, I spent mine working and resting in equal parts so I can't complain.

As much as i love crop tops, it is becoming increasing hard to find the ones just show enough but not to much you get? Confidence to me is not about the amount of skin you can show off or the degree of body conscious clothes you can wear to show off your curves. Don't get me wrong, I will show off my curves just as quick as the other girl but that doesn't speak about my confidence at all because some of us are good actors. Confidence to me, is how you feel when you're by yourself and when you look in the mirror. So, as much as I love crop tops, I tend to lean towards more modest and classic styles. I particularly love this one from Eloquii for that very reason. Another thing I love is this faux wrap skirt, a classic that will always be in style. 



I am so happy that Spring is officially here (now someone just needs to pass that on to mother nature) but the weather is still on the cold side :(
I am trying to enjoy it for as long as it lasts because we are on the final stretch but the warm weather cannot get here soon enough for me! 

But I decided to do one last hooray with one of my fave lightweight coat from Boohoo. Lightweight coats are a good transitional piece for Spring/Fall, and I am wearing a sleeveless turtleneck which is another one of those. I am no pro at layering but pieces like this make it very effortless. 

I styled them with my all time favorite jeans of the winter which are these ones from Rainbow. I've been thinking about trying the Good American cofounded by Khloe Kardashian, has anyone tried them? Thoughts please...


Hey loves! I took a trip to my native land Nigeria in January and of course I had to stock up on my traditional wear. Since dramatic sleeves are huge right now, I decided to design an asymmetric, dramatic sleeve dress (which was originally a maxi, but I took a pair of scissors to it lol).

This printed fabric is called Ankara and it is generally worn by most African countries especially West African countries. It comes in all kinds of colors and prints that you can possibly imagine and I mac currently wearing one by a company call Da-Viva and I love their designs because they have such bold colors and prints. 

The head wrap is not only a fashion statement but also a reminder to wear your crown and wear it proudly. I have found that in life, the crowns placed on you by people can be taken away but the crown placed by God is forever and can never be taken away. So wear your crown proudly, knowing that no matter what you are a queen!


Hi guys! The weekend is almost here, one day to go! Hopefully nature will have mercy on us and shine some warmth down this weekend instead of cold breeze.

So, its another sheer bodysuit? Yeah I admit I just styled one here but cut me some slack will ya? I love sheer bodysuits. But you might have noticed a pattern, which is my favorite way of styling them i.e wearing something underneath lol. This time I decided on a bustier underneath this animal spotted sheer bodysuit which is hands down one of my favorite bodysuits. 

I also styled this old skirt sometime last summer here and haven't had a chance to pull it out since. Since the bodysuit is so badass, I toned it down with this faux tutu skirt and the wide gold belt for a very feminine look. 


Recently a fellow blogger posted a bomb picture of herself slaying a horizontal striped outfit and stated that she was once trolled for wearing stripes and I said what?! In what day and age? Maybe the 1800's? If you are viewing this post right now and you have that misconception, please discard of it and I hope this post will further help to remove that misconception from your mind. I am wearing horizontal stripes and no, I do not look bigger or wider. If you are reluctant to try horizontal stripes, I think this co-ord will be a good starting point for you because it has blocks of solid color that might make it a bit easier.

When I picked up this set, Vivi said to me "Cool, I can't wait to see how you style it". And I said to her "I can't do much because it has already styled itself". Which is very true, this is one of those outfits that have done all the work for you, just a pair of heels and you will be looking well dressed. 
I on the other hand, being as extra as I tend to be, added an extra oomph with this rhinestone choker and heels. 


Hi guys! Thank you for stopping by my little space, if it's your first time here don't forget to subscribe to receive new posts in your email! And if you're an oldie, thanks for coming back!

So, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with jumpsuits honestly. I love how they look on other people but if you have a tummy like I do, you already know that most jumpsuits were not made with you in mind. While I don't mind showing my guts and glory to the world, I also like to dress in styles that accentuates my figure but can easily be shapewear free. 

Peplums are a must for any woman who wants to accentuate her waist and maybe conceal her tummy area just like in my case. Those days when you are going to that party with the intent to eat your heart out, a peplum dress should be your go to. 

Now let's talk about this jumpsuit, I love that it steps up from the usual boring peplum and adds drama with the hi-lo hem and the lace bodice also give it an extra jazz, making it dinner wear appropriate. I kept it pretty simple with a simple, clean belt and nude pumps. 

Caged & Sheer.

Following trends is most times looked at in a negative light and while I understand and agree with the rationale, I will acknowledge that some trends are just too good to skip on just because it is a trend. You just have to make it your own and use it to reflect your taste and style, do not ever switch your style around to include a trend. Also not all trends are for you, know which ones to simply admire and pass up and which ones you want to try. 

On that note, remember when the sheer bodysuit was all the rage? Everybody just had to have one in their closets, myself included *eye roll*. Well, getting it was the easy part, wearing it out in public was another matter entirely. It's definitely doable, I have actually styled it for a night out with a longline bra but I never quite over my mildly conservative fashion sense to style it with just a bra during the daytime. I guess, if I threw a jacket over it but that defeats the purpose of it, doesn't it?

Then there's this caged bodysuit, another beautiful but not very practical piece since it barely holds my girls in place or if you do get your girls just right, the straps get all tangled and messed up *le sigh*. So I got this pretty genius idea (in my opinion), to wear these two difficult items together and guess what? I think they are a match made in heaven honestly, they go together like bread and butter!

Sleeveless Faux Fur Collar Coat

If you read my previous post here, then you already know about my love for statement coats. Well, here's another one. The minute I saw this sleeveless faux fur collar coat from H&M, I felt like the designer stole into my fantasies and designed it, I really did. Because this coat is exactly what I would have designed if I were asked to. The fact that it is sleeveless gives it a versatility most of my coats lack, since I can wear it during the coldest of months by just layering it or on it's own once the cold starts to dwindle down. Unfortunately, this coat sold out like hot cakes one minute it was there, the next it wasn't. So I linked below a close follow up.

I also love this cold shoulder sweater that has an infusion of one of my favorite trends right now. Since you can never go wrong with black and white, I kept this look pretty simple but added a little edge with the bold, dark lips. 

Camel + Camo

 Here I was thinking it was time to start retiring my coats for the season but out of nowhere mother nature changed her mind and brought the cold. It was about 70 degrees just last week and today it's snowing cats and dogs! Since the cold was back last week, I pulled out one of my good ole favorite coats, a super warm turtleneck and braved the elements.

Thinking about it, most of my favorite coats have been from my local thrift store which makes a lot of sense because vintage coats are the new chic thing. If you watch shows from the 80's for example the Cosby show (don't crucify me, I love the Cosby show), Clair always had the most beautiful coats and even now, I still want to steal her closet. If you had Clair Huxtable's closet in this day and age, you would be the chicest of all chics. And you know why? Because the old is new right now. And my love for vintage coats has been present for a long time, the colors, the volume, the statement of them just grabs my attention and won't let go! I will take a vintage coat over a boring store bought one any day (unless of course the store bought one was oversized, midi/maxi and bright with gold plated buttons lol)

This camel coat was one of my best thrifted treasures, it has been with me from size 22 to size 14/16 and it will remain with me even if in an alternate universe I become a size 2 someday *insert laugh/crying emoji*

The White Dress

No, I did not get married lol...that was the assumption when a friend caught a glimpse of these photos on my computer. No surprise there, as this dress is fit for a bride. Maybe not regal enough for traditional brides, but it'll definitely rise up to the occasion for a quick court wedding, a bridal shower or even a wedding reception. Or if you're like me and just want a gorgeous white dress for no reason whatsoever, this dress is the one for you.

Another reason why I love this dress has to do with the fact that white dresses are not usually very flattering if you have extra extra cellulite, because white is a very unforgiving color and if the fabric isn't heavy enough...you can imagine. So, it has been very frustrating finding the perfect white dress with the perfect fabric. This dress is as perfect as a fitted white dress for a plus size woman can get. 

And let's not talk about the lace detailing and the bell sleeve...yeah, let's not...let's just enjoy the pictures. 

Oh! Can we take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous purse?!!! And for under $40! *swoon*

Regal in Emerald.

Emerald is definitely one of my favorite colors, there's just something regal about the color that draws my attention every time. So when I took a trip to Nigeria a few weeks ago and came back with a luggage full of custom made dresses, one of them had to be emerald. I absolutely love the draping chiffon detail of this dress. Super concealing for my tummy area but at the same time, draws the attention to my waist. 
Unfortunately, this dress is custom-made and therefore not available to purchase or order. 


During the cold months, it is so easy to just throw on some sneakers and oversized sweater and be done with it and some times, I do. Which is why I appreciate some closet staples that easily allows you to dress up with little effort. This over the knee suede boot is one of those items in my closet.
Finding over the knee boots for wide thighs and legs can be a hassle I know, but a few options are out there.
Also, isn't it a must for everyone to own a NY hat? It sure seems that way to me. I love mine so much, I have two pairs just in case lol.



Black and White


I am a big fan of multitasking the items in my closet by trying to wear them in different ways thus enhancing their versatility and longevity. Here, I'm wearing a shirt dress underneath a pencil skirt. I received this dress from Rainbow and wasn't really in the mood for a dress that day so I switched it up and wore it as a shirt. In the coming warmer months, I can easily wear this dress with gladiator sandals for a different look. So versatile!

Thanks for stopping by! 


*Some items in this post were provided by Rainbow shops*

Laced up.


It is definitely not an easy feat to find over the knee, lace up boots for my wide size 12 feet and thick thighs but I did and I absolutely love them! These boots always make me want to look badass, but I opted for a softer look by styling it with an a short flared dress.

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