Hello! So color blocking, is that even a term anymore? Remember a few years ago when it was the in thing? Everyone was "color blocking". I remember a particular J.Lo pink and red look that I wanted to recreate but was having such a hard time finding anything bright and colorful in my size. Well, thank God those days of plus size women struggling to find anything chic and vibrant for our bodies. Not saying that the struggle is completely over, but its come a long way. 

I absolutely love this midi skirt, so much so that I have it in four different colors. They were a fast seller as well, selling out like hot cakes. Unfortunately you won't be able to purchase it unless they restock them, which they do each season with different colors, so be on the watch out. I am also wearing a dress as a top here since I love the neckline so much.

What I'm Wearing:
Top/Dress (similar here and here) ~ Skirt (similar here, love this here) ~ Shoes (Up to size 12 here)

Thanks for stopping by! 


Aurè said...

hello there,ciao Ola,
What a Style!...Super charming!...Super Fabolous!...Fashion is Art and this outfit is a breathtaking work of Art...cheers!

Ola Dipo said...

@Aurè thank you!

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