Finding a place to stay in the big apple might not be a problem for some, but finding the right place, with the right view, the right access and the right price might be. For myself and the girls this past weekend, we decided on The Hilton Midtown and did not regret that decision. It was gorgeous, comfortable, clean and best of all, affordable. 

Plus as a bonus, they provide a service called Priv which is basically a bedside beauty service which you reserve online, that comes to your room and gives a range of services from mani/pedis to massages and even makeup services. I opted to get a massage as my back was hurting from all lugging my luggage around, and it was great! My masseuse was awesome, pleasant and patient. 

Unfortunately, Priv is not yet available in the DMV but they are in NYC, London, LA, Hamptons, OC and Austin and whenever I'm in any of these places, I'll make sure to call them and so should you.

Thanks for stopping by! 
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