Hi! Hope you're having a great week so far. So, one of the questions bloggers get asked all the time is "where did you get that?". And in order to be a blogger, you really need to enjoy answering that question. But unfortunately, sometimes I hate answering that question just because I know that item is no longer available.

Last year, I wore a maxi shirt dress from Eshakti here and there were lots of questions regarding where I got it from but unfortunately, it was completely out of design since I got it some years back. I actually got some comments from social media, regarding why I would showcase such a dress when it was longer available. That took me aback quite truthfully, so is this reader under the assumption that as a blogger I can only wear items that are in stock? I would be one heck of a broke girl if that were the case! So what would happen to that really expensive sequin dress sitting in my closet from three years ago? Throw it away? No ma'am! As long as I paid for the items in my closet (which I did for 95% of my closet) best believe I will wear it for as long as I want to. And since this blog is a sort of diary of what I wear, as long as you read this blog you will run into items that are no longer on the market for you to purchase. 

Take into case this beautiful asymmetrical skirt that I got from Torrid last Summer. I love this skirt but never got around to wearing it last year. But throughout the colder months, it kept peeking at me daily and as soon as the weather broke, it came running out. So was I supposed to say "I can't wear this since Torrid doesn't have anymore of it and my viewers won't be able to buy it". No, my blog is meant to spark your creative juices and give you ideas of how to style items you already have as much as the new ones you purchase. 

And on the often occasion that my outfit is not available for purchase, that's where the links and the pictures on the bottom of the "what i'm wearing" section is for. It is usually a link to items that I find similar to what I am wearing. 

So just in case you didn't understand the above rant, basically the top and skirt are out of stock but I have linked some similar items below lol

What I'm Wearing:
Top (FTF sold out, see here and here) ~ Skirt (Torrid sold out, see hereherehere and here) ~ Belt (see here) ~ Clutch (see here and here) ~ Sandals (up to size 12 herehere and here)


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