Last weekend, Monif C hosted a pop up shop in DC and I was able to attend along with my blogger babes Vivi and ChiChi. I was very excited to attend since I got to not only try on some great clothes, I also got to meet the mind behind the brand that is Monif C.

When I first met Monif, she was wearing this gorgeous dress in white and she just looked effortless and stunning. And since we talked about my love/hate affair with white here, I decided to get it in this gorgeous coral color.

Frankly, I love everything about this dress! It's so easy! It conceals without hiding, and highlights all the right places. While I have seen a lot of hi-lo dresses, I have never quite seen one like this. It is honestly about to become my uniform for Spring/Summer. I am thinking about getting it in the lime.

What I'm Wearing:
Dress (here) ~ Heels (Ashley Stewart, old) ~ Clutch (Neiman Marcus, old) ~ Sunglasses (here) ~ Necklace (Asos, sold out)

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White + Tan

As much as I love white, it is one of those colors that I just cannot bring myself to invest a lot of money in! Mainly because I know how clumsy I can be. White on me, is an attraction for disaster, so for that reason alone I stick to low budget white pieces like this basic vee neck tee and skiny jeans.

What I'm Wearing:
Jeans (here, destroyed white jeans here, affordable here) ~ Tee(here, love this here) ~ Jacket (F21 sold out)
~ Bag (The Limited, similar here) ~ Shoes (Smash Shoes) ~ Watch (here)

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Color Crush: Olive Jumpsuit

Hi! Happy new week!
So, remember how I said that I was going to wear more colors as opposed to so much black and white? I have been doing great with my purchases recently. While still on my shopping diet, I have only been buying necessary and colorful things lol. One color I seem to have fallen for lately is olive. There's just something very exotic about that color, plus i like how it compliments my skin tone.

Another thing I've been wearing a lot of lately are jumpsuits. Quite honestly that is a new development because as at a couple of years ago, I would not wear a jumpsuit even if you paid me to. But recently, plus size designers have stepped up their game and are really giving us life with some gorgeous jumpsuits for the plus size woman.  This one from Fashion to Figure is one of my faves right now. 

And since a lot of jumpsuits are made from a polyester blend, I invested in a Spanx capri that is perfect for a smooth look with my jumpsuits.

What I'm Wearing:
Jumpsuit (FTF sold out, sleeveless version here, lace here, love this hereherehere) ~ Spanx (here) ~ Vest (Ashley Stewart old, super affordable here, love this here) ~ Shoes (see herehere and size 13 here) ~ Clutch (street market) ~ Sunglasses (here) ~ Watch (here


Hi! Hope you're having a great week so far. So, one of the questions bloggers get asked all the time is "where did you get that?". And in order to be a blogger, you really need to enjoy answering that question. But unfortunately, sometimes I hate answering that question just because I know that item is no longer available.

Last year, I wore a maxi shirt dress from Eshakti here and there were lots of questions regarding where I got it from but unfortunately, it was completely out of design since I got it some years back. I actually got some comments from social media, regarding why I would showcase such a dress when it was longer available. That took me aback quite truthfully, so is this reader under the assumption that as a blogger I can only wear items that are in stock? I would be one heck of a broke girl if that were the case! So what would happen to that really expensive sequin dress sitting in my closet from three years ago? Throw it away? No ma'am! As long as I paid for the items in my closet (which I did for 95% of my closet) best believe I will wear it for as long as I want to. And since this blog is a sort of diary of what I wear, as long as you read this blog you will run into items that are no longer on the market for you to purchase. 

Take into case this beautiful asymmetrical skirt that I got from Torrid last Summer. I love this skirt but never got around to wearing it last year. But throughout the colder months, it kept peeking at me daily and as soon as the weather broke, it came running out. So was I supposed to say "I can't wear this since Torrid doesn't have anymore of it and my viewers won't be able to buy it". No, my blog is meant to spark your creative juices and give you ideas of how to style items you already have as much as the new ones you purchase. 

And on the often occasion that my outfit is not available for purchase, that's where the links and the pictures on the bottom of the "what i'm wearing" section is for. It is usually a link to items that I find similar to what I am wearing. 

So just in case you didn't understand the above rant, basically the top and skirt are out of stock but I have linked some similar items below lol

What I'm Wearing:
Top (FTF sold out, see here and here) ~ Skirt (Torrid sold out, see hereherehere and here) ~ Belt (see here) ~ Clutch (see here and here) ~ Sandals (up to size 12 herehere and here)


Drapes, Stripes & Lace

I don't think it is any secret that I am a skirt as opposed to pants kinda gal. I love all kinds of skirts, maxi, midi, mini, flare, pencil, I love them all. Of course, not all of the listed above are flattering for my figure but every so often I find that one good skirt that exceeds my expectations. This skirt is one of those. It's not quite pencil, its not quite A-line, its on a level of it's own quite honestly.

I paired it with this lace bodysuit only for the reason that it happens to currently be the only bodysuit I have in my closet. Something I plan to rectify as soon I come out of my shopping diet. But I do like how the lace contrasts with the colorful stripes of the skirt.

By the way, thinking about adding some size 12 and size 13 shoes on my online store soon...should I?

What I'm Wearing:
Bodysuit (FTF sold out, alternate design from FTF here, similar here, love this here) ~ Skirt (here, love this color here, thinking about this here) ~ Shoes (here, similar in up to size 12 here and here and size 13 here) ~ Bag (here, similar here and here


So the final trend from my Spring trends lookbook collaboration with ViviChiChi and Val is the sleeveless vest. I've been all over the sleeveless from before it became a "trend". For the only reason that it is a Summer staple for me. Throw it over anything and it takes your outfit to another level plus you can dress it up or down.

For this look, I went with one of my favorite ways to style a sleeveless vest, which is over a crop top (bralette in this case) and high waisted bottoms. Check out how the other ladies decided to style theirs.

Just incase you missed the previous Spring trends, view them herehere and here.

What I'm Wearing:
Bralette (F21 sold out, similar here, thinking about getting this here) ~ Pants (F21 sold out, love this here and here) ~ Vest (Ashley Stewart sold out, similar here and here) ~ Shoes (here) ~ Bag & Bracelet (FTF)


Showing Skin: Royal Blue & Split Zipper Details

Happy weekend! It's my best friend's birthday weekend so I plan on having fun. Thankfully, it looks like we've seen the last of horrid weather that has been plaguing us in the DMV area. This weekend looks to be full of sunshine and warmth and I cannot wait to put my sweaters and coats to rest!

But in the meantime, I pulled out this royal blue babe from the back of my closet where I had prematurely kept it earlier this month. I love the color of this sweater because it just screams fab at you. Plus I think its such a gender neutral color. Like, I would totally be okay with my boyfriend borrowing this sweater. 

Yes, I do realize that I'm serving all kinds of sexy in this skirt but I was feeling myself that day and I zipped the skirt all the way up y'all! But I was sexy and I knew it! LOL

What I'm Wearing:
Sweater (F21, similar here, like this here) ~ Skirt (here, love this here) ~ Bag (here, similar herehere) ~ Shoes (NineWest, similar herehere) ~ Sunglasses (here) ~ Watch (MK)


Spring Trends Collaboration Look 3: The Wrap Dress

Hi guys!
So, I know it's been about a week since the last Spring look from my collaboration with ViviChiChi and Val. But in all honesty, that's because we all could not come to an agreement on which trend we wanted to wear next! The options were many and we simply could not settle on one. So we decided to wear whatever trend we are loving individually, to show you guys that the options really are endless.
For me, I decided to go with the wrap dress. It has been around for ages and almost every woman who is into fashion owns at least one. But this season, the wrap dress has been given a do-over. Where it used to be done in a basic silhouette, it now has lots of variety. There's the asymmetrical wrap dress, wrap shorts, maxi wrap dress, tuxedo wrap dress, faux wrap dress and many more. 
For my look today, I decided to go with a casual theme in the spirit of oncoming festival season by dressing down this maxi wrap dress. This dress is a very sexy piece that showcases your legs and I have found that certain "sexy pieces" are not done to enhance our plus size figures but this dress is sexy done right. 

On to my sandals, in case you do not know i wear a size 12 basically. For these sandals, I got them from a Nordstrom Rack in a size 10 and bought extra long shoe laces to wrap around these thick calves and it worked perfectly. So, if you're trying to rock the lace up trend this Spring/Summer with large/wide feet, try that idea. I'll link some size 11/12 options below. Also, check up on the Nordstrom Rack around you since they carry up to a size 13 in shoes.

What I'm Wearing:
Wrap dress (here, love this here, and here) ~ Jacket (Fashion to Figure sold out, love this here and here) ~ Sandals (See hereherehere and here) ~ Bag & Bracelets (FTF) ~ Sunnies (here)


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P.S: Don't forget to click the links above to check out what other trends the ladies are styling on their blogs!

Black & White Boxes: Box Pleat Skirt & Stripped Top

Believe it or not, I was somewhat of a tomboy growing up. I loved pants and jeans and thought skirts were the devil and so very uncomfortable. Now, the reverse is the case. While I wear pants and jeans, I love nothing more than a beautiful skirt or dress, the girlier the better quite honestly. 
Full, midi skirts happen to be my favorite actually and when I glimpsed this one, it was a perfect fit for me. 

Following in the footsteps of one of my recent looks, I pulled these good ole trusted platform heels out from the back of my shoe closet and dusted them up to complete this look. View that look here.

What I'm Wearing:
Skirt (here, comes in different prints too!) ~ Top (XOXO, see here, love this here) ~ Jacket (Sold out Lane Bryant, see here and here) ~ Clutch (Sold out, see here and here) ~ Shoes (Really old, see herehere and here) ~ Sunglasses (here)


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