Badass Chic.

*sigh* After losing close to a hundred pounds in over the last two years, I thought my body would get the memo and drop the weight only in the areas I wanted but yeah...nope, that didn't happen. My butt was the first volunteer to go, followed by my boobs. And the one place i wished would sacrifice itself in the alter of weightloss i.e my tummy, refused to go. So here we are, #unbotheredtummyandall. Although I must say, I am crunching the hell out of it though lol. 
So back to the outfit, I wanted to do a whole memorial day shoot and look like your classic all American girl but yeah, that didn't happen since I was feeling very bad ass. From my previous post, you already know I love lace, yeah I love woven knit too. I guess anything see through is more like it really. I paired this woven tank top with my go to faux leather skirt from Fashion to Figure to complete the bad ass look. Loving this strapped sandal from Steve Madden lately. Its super sexy and hella comfortable and that makes a perfect heel in my opinion. I completed this look with gold accessories just cos I'm extra like that lol.


Unknown said...

Good job on the weight loss. If I may ask what have you been doing so far to loss weight?

Ola Dipo said...

@aisha Thanks! There isn't a formula really. I just really cut down my portion sizes, drastically reduced my carb intake and sugar consumption. And I work out a couple of times a week.

Madam Too Much said...

CONGRATS!! You look Fabulous.

Fredetta said...

I'm glad I found your blog again! You look great!

Unknown said...

Congrats on weight're feeding my shopping craving lol...can I ask where you got the camo jacket?

Unknown said...

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