Ola's Beaded Treasures.

*sigh* Where do i begin? first of all i am doing alright...I got some emails asking about where i was and what was up, but i'm alright. Just so very busy with my exams, work, and just to let you guys know, I recently got an opportunity to showcase some of my pieces...Okay, stop, rewind. you guys may not know this but i am an aspiring fashion clothing and jewellry designer. Recently, i went to a friends exhibition in DC and i got to meet some aaaamazing people who saw some of my work and decided to sponsor me on a show of my own!!!! yes, a show of my own! can you believe that? well, its on the 9th of July in Maryland and i am supposed to make alot of pieces! its been sorta hard with school and work but i'm making it through. i kinda want to show you guys some of my pieces but i haven't done the photoshoot yet but i'll still give a little sneak peak...

Obviously, they are very dressy pieces but i'm thinking of incorporating some casual pieces into it. some bracelets, earrings and even rings...soo, whatcha think?


Anonymous said...

i am loving #2,4 and 5!!! You are really talented!


Rez to the City said...

Girl I am so glad that you are ok. I was seriously worried! Your pieces are amazing. You most def have a gift! I love the last one! OMG how long does it take you to make one??!! Congratulations on your break...it sounds like you are on your way girl! YAY!!!

Laura said...

Congratulations!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Your pieces are gorgeous, the intricacy of the last one is so breathtaking!I've missed you so much I'm glad your OK.=)

Unknown said...

I am loving your work. My mom has been making jewelry since the 70s and I have so much respect for those who make jewelry. It takes so much creativity and heart. I hope you have much success!

Sarah Jane R.

From Broadway said...

love the second one!

Vivi N. said...

Cool jewelry. Love the 1st two pieces. Meanwhile, where's the venue of the show you're presenting at on July 9th? Maybe I can stop by and support.

Muse Origins said...

Really? Congratulations! Good luck. I really like the first and the red ones


LA Lynn's said...

CONGRATS!!!! ~The good thing about accessories is they are ALWAYS versatile… dressy or casual either way you can never go wrong when you mix & match and dib & dab with accessories pieces!

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