Stripes, Skirts and Blazers

I took a very close friend of mine out for lunch cos her birthday was on saturday and busy busy me forgot to call her till about 10pm. so i bought her some cheesecake and kissed up to her cos even i get bitchy when a close friend forgets to call me on my bday. I've had this top for a while but had no idea how to wear it. Surprising, i thought it went really well with this skirt and blazer.

top:dot, skirt:thrifted, blazer:thrifted, peeptoe:steve madden, bag:thrifted, bracelets: random


danielle said...

love your attitude in these :)

Rez to the City said...

I LOVE this outfit! That top is marvelous! muah Kiah

CrazySexyCoolLove said...

Love the skirt, thx for stopping by, i'll get a close up of that necklace for you!

Unknown said...

love the outfit, love the colours and patterns, and LOVE the playfulness in your photos! Fab!

Nothingordinarystyle said...

Love the stiped combo with the colorful skirt nice. Well put together.

Prissy said...

Love the outfit. You hair is so pretty. This is a nice color on you too


Laura said...

Oh man, I know what it's like to forget a super close friends b-day. I did that my self and your post reminded me, I better give her a call...
On another note I love your stripes and color blocking you look so fabulous!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your rocking my favorite color combo black, white and red. That blazer looks great with this outfit! Cali chic! Love the maxi skirt and the ANTM poses! :)

LyddieGal said...

I think the bright skirt is fabulous, and a blazer just makes an outfit!

Chic on the Cheap

zs closet said...

wow!!you look great!!loove that skirt!xxx

shopnowsavelater said...

cute! i love stripes.. and it does go well with the red skirt! xoxo TY

Unknown said...

So in love with this look... you inspire me!!

Muse Origins said...

Love the color blocking. Thanks for coming over to my blog babe!! :D


Zarna said...

that thrifted skirt is beautiful!! what a great color!

Longuette said...

Hi, I love the way you mix colours!!

from longuette

Superblondeep said...

I love our style!! I follow you...follow me back pase...would be an honor..:) kisses

Unknown said...

LOVING THIS!!!! I am such a fan of a print and bold color and you are doing the dang thing honey pie.

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