Errands In Leopard + 1st Feature!!!

Hey lovlies, i got a new hair-do. well, since i do my own hair, i get new hair dos all the time so don't be surprised if i switch it up too much. Nyways, i got the opportunity to rock my spankin new leopard print flats. just running errands and chilling with my besties all day long. its spring break!!!! so i had all day to just lounge around. by the way, exciting news! i got my first feature by the lovely Miss Fortune, Daja Robinson. She just launched a new website called "No Boiz Allowed" and i was one of the first ladies to give HERstory. this part of her website is dedicated to inspiring women who are taking control of their lives and leading other women to do the same. Awww, thanks girl! its not that big a deal, but i still jumped around when i saw it on the web, lol. the link will be below:

Please stop by and check the feature out, thanks!


Vanessa said...

Yay for spring break!
That coral is lovely on you. It's like a match made in heaven!

Joy Jalapolis said...

Super cute Leopard oxfords! And V is right, that coral blazer is HOT! Where is it from?

Tailah said...

The blazer!!! Where can I find that????

Prissy said...

Great feature. This is a cute casual look! The color of that blazer is to die for. I NEED IT!!!


Katie | said...

AH! This looks fantastic! LOVE the color of this blazer - especially with the animal print!

Ola Dipo said...

joy: sorry, i forgot to put the info of the outfit on the post...well, i got it from Macy's. its from Micheal Kors

Jadore-Fashion said...

Love your blazer!


Anonymous said...

love it! keep the inspiration coming!


Vivi N. said...

Nice blazer. Loving the shoes, though. Where did you get 'em from? Thanks.

Rez to the City said...

Love this blazer! I just posted the same color scheme. Too funny! You look super cute and I love those shoes! Kiah

Marella said...

You look great dear!

shopnowsavelater said...

That is a fierce outfit! Look at you all "coralled up"I love how you paired those leopard print oxfords! It really jazz'z up your look!

Mode Plus said...

First this outfit looks so casual chic, I love it. I've seen a couple of colored blazers now and I'm wanting one.
Secondly, I just read your feature and what a way to adress this issue of self-acceptance. Would like to consider you for a series on my blog. Will be emailing your for this.

Chic Therapy said...

love the blazer...Is it H & M?

Unknown said...

that blazer is amazing!! i have one just like this!! every post is a new source of inspiration!!


Anonymous said...

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