Hey guys, been a hot minute I know but life's been too busy lately. Anyways, I recently started taking up sewing. Its been a desire of mine to learn for a long time but lack of available classes in my area just put me off for a while but then I discovered...YOUTUBE! Some channels have the most interactive and amazing beginner projects and one of them was a high waisted retro skirt. It was so easy for me to do that I have already made about three different versions of this skirt. I made a really short one that I wore clubbing for new years but right now, I made this one out of a 3.50 a yard fabric, 5.50 elastic and thread...that was pretty much it. I paired this with a simple white top, tights, a scarf, a belt and some flats. I love this skirt and I got so much compliments.


so, what do u guys think about my first voyage into the world of sewing?


Anika http://www.byanika.com said...

I love this! many congrats you talented fashionista :) the sky is the limit when you get into designing and sewing your own clothes :) I love your style. My tip would be, keep experimenting, find shapes that show off your shape to the fullest and then have fun with colours and prints, AND keep wearing your designs with confidence you beautiful woman. <3

Unknown said...

If this is ur first attempt at sewing you have a bright future ahead of you!! I want that skirt!! If you start selling ur designs. Keep me posted.

Diva in Deep Thought

Keisha said...

Great Job! I Love your skirt it is so cute ;0) I really like your style!

BBM said...

well im glad u got back to blogging and cant wait to see more of ure sewing projects! i love how u rocked this whole look with a vintage inspired skirt but paired with some edgy scarf and leather jacket .... mmmhhh, perfect love!

Nancie said...

looking beautiful missy, I also want to start designing....this is an inspiration!

Ola Dipo said...

@ Anika: thanks! i ddefinately keep that in mind...
@ Queen Diva: maybe sometime later when i have perfected the art of design.lol
@ keisha: thanks a bunches!
@ BBM: Hey love! thanks...
@ Nancie: you should, its definately very worth it...

Unknown said...

You did an amazing job on that skirt. I have fabric and elastic at home I need to get to sewing :) I love your blog, very nice :)

Sarah Jane R.

Cuckoo Chanel said...

i <3 the skirt! you look absolutely gorgeous!!! keep up the amazing work w/ sewing: w/ dilligence and creativity you will go far!

xo, bake

Anna said...

The skirt looks amazing! It's so funny that you made this, I've been planning on making the exact same thing. Great minds think alike!


Ola Dipo said...

Sara Jane: thanks! yeah you should check out some videos on youtube, they definitely help.
Cuckoo chanel: Thank you! thats very encouraging.
Anna: yea i guess so...but pls lemme know when you do make one. i'll love to see a picture

Mode Plus said...

I might really have to start exploring this DIY clothes. I love your skirt.

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