DIY- Bedazzled Blazer

So, my love for blazers is a well known fact around these parts but since i already have too many basic black boyfriend blazers, a couple of months ago, i decided to bedazzle one of them. i just went to the fabric store, got some fashion adornments and sewed them in. since the detailed shoulder is very popular right now, i decided to put them right on the shoulder. This is very easy to do and i love how it turned out. don't you?


Unknown said...

Love your confidence and your creativity. I sometimes feel like I want to modify some pieces but dont have the guts to do it or craft skills. You did a great job.

Nancie said...

i have to try this so easy!!!

Unknown said...

Okay... that's it... I'm on my way to raid your closet... your DIY stuff is killing me and I must have it all... just leave the key under the mat... I'll be there soon lol

Diva in Deep Thought

Ola Dipo said...

AGGIE602: thanks and you should try it...its super easy and if you don't like it just rip it its a win win situation.

NANCY: yes it is...

QUEEN DIVA: lol, i sure will...not! but thanks for the compliment.

Prissy said...

Super cute DIY!!!


Nubiasnonsense said...

Cute idea for the blazer, looks nice

Vanessa said...

You rock this look! I rarely wear blazers, but if I did and if I had your pizzaz, I'd wear this one!

Monique said...

This is such a great idea. I love blazers also! You are such a cutie. I love that your earrings match the bedazzle.

Audrey Allure said...

Such a stunning blazer! Just stumbled by your blog & I absolutely love it! :)

The Low Country Socialite said...

I love your blog and i'm so glad i found it! Please visit mine at

Tye said...

Loving the leggings..they are just to cute and so you are you :-))

dc said...

Sooo chic and sexy, love animal print!

Anonymous said...

Everything goes together. Perfect match love it.

Anonymous said...

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el3nod said...

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