Hey guys, so like i told you in my previous post i got the marilyn short convertable dress by Monif C and a blessed opportunity cam for me to rock it out. I wore it to a concert and the afterparty. And i wore it in two ways that night.

later that night....

strikin a pose with my bestie Anne

thats my girl, Sam

At a picnic!

So i've been trying to post these pics for days! but i've been super busy with school and work. well, for the weekend, my family had a little impromtu reunion which was very fun. we all hung out and ate like there was no tomorrow. but of course i had to pay for it at my aerobics class the day after. my instructor showed no mercy! lol. Anyways, i kept it simple and super comfy with this dress *i love the color by the way* and the stripes and ruffles in this cardi are so adorable.

i made these myself, so proud of them. lol

*dress and cardi-ashley stewart*
By the way, i just got the marilyn short convertable dress by monif c. can't wait to wear it and share my reveiw with y'all!


Hey guys, how's the blogosphere been since i've been gone? Nyways, over the last couple of weeks, i was so over the black blazer epidermic that has been sweeping the fashion world. don't get me wrong, i love the trend. it just kinda got a bit boring for me. but all that changed when i walked into a local jc penny and saw a boring ole blazer with gorgeous studded shoulder detail! i immediately fell back in love with the boring blazer and decided to get it at once! but of course, they didn't carry it in plus size. so i visited the local fabric store and got some sew ons. here's the finished look.

Don't be tardy for the party!

Hey! so i got my drivers licence this week and i'm 21 *don't even ask, its a long story*. So, considering my age, the girls decided that it was such a huge accomplishment. so much so that we needed to celebrate. And since my friends and i always need an excuse to celebrate and have a party, we did! We went out on on two nights.
Night one, to a fancy resturant where we couldn't even recognise the names on the menu and ended up ordering stuff we didn't like but hey, it was an experience.

Night 2, we went clubbing. unfortunately, i don't have any upright photo but this will do.

i was a star. literally

By the way, i absolutely adore this lipstick. its one of the prolongwear from mac and it literally lasts me all night. through all the dancing and cocktails.

NIght one: dress-plussizefix, leggings-torrid, shoes-evans
Night two: shirt-nordstrom, skirt-torrid, shoes-avenue, lipstick-mac


Hey guys, so this is officially my first post. well, here goes. so, my bestie Anne's bday was a week ago but getting her to take a couple of hours off work to go out is kinda an ordeal because she has a veeery tight schedule. very soon we'll be needing an appointment to see her, lol. anyways, we decided to take her TO redlobster because she adores seafood and so do I. everyones happy then. lol. I decided to keep it cool and simple with this dress i got from Ashley Stewart. i rarely get stuff from there anymore because i feel like their designs just keep going backwards. It seems like the same old stuff, just different colors and a different button hole here and there. But it might just be me. Although their accessories are just fabulous. I accented it with a blazer from torrid and of course heavy bracelets.

dress: Ashley Stewart
blazer: Torrid
bracelets:Ashley Stewart
necklace: Self-made
shoes: Lovely people


Hey, my name is Bibi and i just love fashion, well in my case...fatshion. So i'll be posting my outfits and the ones that are just too ridiculous to be seen in public. To any lover of fatshion out there, welcome to my blog
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