DIY Bold Floral Pleated Circle Skirt

It is no secret that I love a good statement skirt, full flared, circle, pleated, gathered, you name it and I love it. There's just something very lady like and fascinating about it that has always caught my interest. I would have definitely fit in fashion wise with the era when dress and skirts were the only normal for women. Imagine me, with my corsets and full skirts complete with a pair of gloves lol. Well, thank goodness those days are dead and gone!
Now on to the project of creating 90% of my wardrobe, you know there must be a multitude of statement skirts in there somewhere. And I kick started them with this absolutely stunning floral fabric. I fell in love as soon as I saw this fabric, even though it was very much out of my budget but I saw it and knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. 
This skirt was very easy and quick to make, as I cut it in a circle and just added two pleats to the front and two to the back.
I paired it with this ruffled neckline piece from Fashion to Figure that is actually a mini dress, but it served a different purpose here.


Mz Neti said...

I sure Love this outfit on You. This skirt is TDF. You are inspiring me to dust off my sewing machine.

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Road to Fashionable said...

Please do!!! I would love to see what you'll create! Thanks!

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