Yes it's cliche, but I just couldn't help myself! What am I talking about? The Valentine's day = red equation, you know what I mean right? Red dresses, red flowers, red teddies, red everything, I'm not complaining but it is cliche. I've read somewhere that in Japan, they celebrate something called "White day" which is kinda the opposite of Valentine, since it's all about celebrating men instead. That sounds awesome to me, maybe I'll celebrate that too...something to think about.

Anyways, if you've been reading my blog for sometime then you'll already know that I hate jumpsuits. I love the idea of it but not a lot of designers/brands have managed to create styles that flatter the plus size figure (in my opinion). But I just couldn't say no to the sleeves on this one! You know I'm dramatic right? So I clenched my teeth at the supper clingy fabric and strutted in my dramatic sleeve lol. 

This jumpsuit is only $19.99 currently, so if you're interested grab it before it sells out. And happy valentine in advance!

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Jumpsuit here

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