Trends To Try: Metallic Pleated Skirt

It's a new week but some old things are new again, like this pleated skirt for instance.
The pleated skirts are back to stay honey! Though I feel like they've always been around, personally I always have a few pleated skirts in my closet at all times just because they are the real MVP when it comes to easy breezy comfort. They rarely require shapewear and a bonus, they give off a certain good girl vibe without being boring, so consider a pleated skirt if you're meeting the in laws for the first time lol.

This particular metallic silver pleated skirt is a new favorite of mine for various reasons. One, the movement is absolutely divine, it just glides across your thighs like silk but the best part is that it does this without loosing the sharp pleats! I have a few pleated skirts that open up while you're moving and I do not like that look. But because this silver fabric is a bit heavier, it moves without loosing the pleats and that makes it a keeper in my book. Add in the knee high split in the front and it stole my heart. I am actually thinking about opening up the split a bit more to make it a thigh high as opposed to the current knee high split. Watch out, the next time you see this skirt, I may be flashing thighs for days!

Metallics are pretty simple to style for the most part since they are usually a statement piece but for this look, I played with the metallic theme by styling this skirt with a metallic faux jacket, a sequin embroidered sweater and a statement necklace. You can definitely have the skirt be the only statement piece and style it with a simple top or sweater which I will probably do the next time I wear it. To finish off the metallic theme, I slid on my oldie but goodie silver heels.

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Pleated skirt : here 
Embellished sweater : here
Metallic jacket : here
Boho necklace : here
Really old heels
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