Plus Size Swimwear Lookbook 2017: Flaming Red

Surprise! For the first time on this blog, I decided to do a swimwear lookbook! I've never done one but I always love seeing my fellow plus bloggers rocking off in their swimwear. So, I decided to kick it off this year and showcase some of my favorite suits for beach season. 

One of my favorite trends for swimwear this season is the lace up trend. It's very sexy for sure and if you're planning on rocking this trend, be prepared for the stares and the compliments. This trend is not for the lighthearted for sure, but for the belle of the beach.

 I picked this suit for it's affordability and let's be honest, it's just a beautiful suit! I draped an equally affordable kimono as a cover up to complete this look.

 I must say this though, I shot this look at a public beach in the middle of June (so you can imagine how crowded it was!) and I must admit that I battled a lot of anxiety and fear of being body shamed but to my surprise, I got a lot of positive comments from women both young and old, fat and skinny. Thank God the world's views on body positivity is changing and it is up to us to  keep it going. So wear that suit and bare those thighs and remember, confidence is always beautiful and you just might inspire someone.

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