Hi guys! The weekend is almost here, one day to go! Hopefully nature will have mercy on us and shine some warmth down this weekend instead of cold breeze.

So, its another sheer bodysuit? Yeah I admit I just styled one here but cut me some slack will ya? I love sheer bodysuits. But you might have noticed a pattern, which is my favorite way of styling them i.e wearing something underneath lol. This time I decided on a bustier underneath this animal spotted sheer bodysuit which is hands down one of my favorite bodysuits. 

I also styled this old skirt sometime last summer here and haven't had a chance to pull it out since. Since the bodysuit is so badass, I toned it down with this faux tutu skirt and the wide gold belt for a very feminine look. 

BODYSUIT (sold out) ALTERNATIVE ~ SKIRT & SHOES (local boutique) ~ CLUTCH & GLASSES (sold out)

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