DIY Kimono Duster

Hey loves! Surprise!!! Two things, I got a hair cut (again) and I started making my own clothes. Now for the back story, as for my hair, I recently started working out with a personal trainer and I was constantly finding that my hair was a factor in my workout so I chopped it off and I must say I miss my natural coils but this is for the greater good which is my health. 

As for making my own clothes, I decided to brush the dust off my old sewing machine and try my hand at it again and I must say I am loving it so far because the options are limitless! Right now I am working with patterns but my goal is to be able to free hand and draft my own patterns in the future so that way, I can truly design my own clothing and one day soon, design for you guys too!

On one of my ventures into my local fabric store I came across this bolt of gorgeous royal blue and yellow silk and I lost all sense of practicality and could only think about how gorgeous it was. If I had an ounce of practicality left, I would have realized that sewing with these kind of fabrics is definitely not for the light of  heart or the newbie. It requires a great amount of skill actually hence my uneven seams and hems but I love how it came out regardless lol. I actually made a matching yellow velvet dress specifically for this kimono that I cannot wait to show you guys! So far, I am enjoying this new hobby and learning a lot but in no way am I claiming to be a pro.

I drafted this jacket by hand just because I was feeling very creative and it was pretty simple. I paired i with a basic denim and white bodysuit. I will be wearing this duster everywhere this summer believe me!

Plus size Swimwear Lookbook 2017: The Criss Cross One Piece

Happy weekend y'all! It's the first weekend in Summer and our swimwear lookbook continues with this one piece which Eloquii was gracious enough to send me. I love the versatility of this suit! I think this suit was meant to be worn as a cross over neckline but I loved the one shoulder look so much I stuck with that one. The royal blue and black combination is so stunning and regal in person, I felt like a celebrity in this suit haha!

My cover up is by a designer I found off Etsy who specializes in custom made swim cover ups. I sent her my height and clothing size and I got this sheer beauty. I am going to rock this all summer as a dress, watch me!

Plus Size Swimwear Lookbook 2017: Not Quite Bikini Ready

Hi guys! So, for look three of my plus size swimwear lookbook I really wanted to show off a bikini but...I am not quite bikini ready, thank you very much! But I found an alternative for my fellow not quite bikini ready-ers in this piece from Simply Be. Though a basic black (which I love), the string tie neckline adds a bit of drama to this simple suit. Add in the criss cross detail on the bottoms and you have yourself a killer suit. 

So, if you love the bikini look but are hesitant on trying one out there are several high waisted options available. 
Tip: This suit is cut on the small side, I am wear a size US14 but I could have done with a size 16 especially if you want a really high waist on your bottoms.
And, I wish this suit had a inner wire for more bust support but it doesn't so you might have to wear a strapless bra underneath if you're very top heavy.

Plus Size Swimwear Lookbook 2017: Fluttering Pineapples

I must admit that i love a good one piece swimsuit. It is definitely one to try before transitioning into the daring two pieces. We started off this lookbook with the perfect statement swimsuit (here), so for look two I wanted to showcase a functional yet sexy piece.
I especially loved this one by Eloquii and they were graceful enough to provide me with this suit for the purpose of this lookbook. I love the flutter sleeves, the off the shoulder detail and the stripes mixed with pineapple print is just so playful yet gorgeous. 
I think what I love most about this suit is the shapewear -like quality it has because it fits so snug and held all my jiggles in place.

Tip: This suit came with detachable straps but I left mine off to show off my shoulders. 
Plus I am wearing a US size 14, and it fits really snug so you might consider going up one size.

Plus Size Swimwear Lookbook 2017: Flaming Red

Surprise! For the first time on this blog, I decided to do a swimwear lookbook! I've never done one but I always love seeing my fellow plus bloggers rocking off in their swimwear. So, I decided to kick it off this year and showcase some of my favorite suits for beach season. 

One of my favorite trends for swimwear this season is the lace up trend. It's very sexy for sure and if you're planning on rocking this trend, be prepared for the stares and the compliments. This trend is not for the lighthearted for sure, but for the belle of the beach.

 I picked this suit for it's affordability and let's be honest, it's just a beautiful suit! I draped an equally affordable kimono as a cover up to complete this look.

City Lights: Kimono Crop Top & Asymmetric Skirt

Top here ~ Old skirt ~ Old heels

Crop tops (when done right) are always a wanted addition to my closet and thankfully, finding conservative and yet chic crop tops are a possibility. This particular one is one of my faves at the moment, the deep plum color is so striking and one of my favorite colors.
This time I paired it with an old but very loved asymmetric mini skirt that I picked up from Curvy Con last year. The plum colors on this skirt stood out when paired with this skirt, I was very pleased with this outfit overall. A pair of simple lemon heels completed this look.

Summer White: Lace & Pleated Maxi Dress

Dress here ~ Belt here ~ Old heels ~ Clutch here

Hi loves! It's been a bit slow around here hasn't it?! Don't worry, things will kick back up soon. 
This dress right here, words cannot express how I feel about it lol. I received this dress from Eloquii for the blogger event that I co hosted alongside ChiChi, Val and Viv last month at the Pentagon City location. I must say this dress was one of the hits of that event for sure. One thing, it was sold out in what seemed like hours! But good news, its back in stock! But I didn't get enough pictures with this dress that day so I decided to reshoot it in downtown DC and I was getting congratulations right, left and center because folks thought I was doing a pre wedding photoshoot lol. 
This dress is pretty remarkable honestly and I paired it with this gold, bow belt for some added glam.

Neon Brights & Flutter Sleeves

What I'm Wearing
Dress (Custom made in Nigeria) ~ Shoes (Smash Shoes) ~ Bag (here)

Hi guys! Happy memorial day and so sorry I've been MIA...let's just say, plans are being made and big things are coming! 
So, today's look is my go to dress of the Summer y'all. Easy, breezy beautiful is my MO right now since it's about to be HOT. I had this dress made in Nigeria and I must say I love it so much, I decided to share.

Textures: Printed Bomber & Striped Skirt

What I'm Wearing
Bomber jacket here, love this here and here
Skirt (sold out) similar here and here
Shoes (goes up to size 15!) here, animal print here
Bag (sold out)

Happy belated mother's day to all the mothers out there! I'll be celebrating with you one day lol. 

So, I have a thing for prints and stripes especially when it's done right and I would like to think that I did it right in this outfit. I picked up this bomber jacket recently despite my inner battle not to, since I already have quite a collection of bomber jackets but obviously I lost that battle since this printed beauty is sitting in my closet as we speak. 

I knew I was going to style it with stripes because of the striped sleeves, hem and neckline and I love the complexity yet simplicity of this outfit.

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What I'm Wearing
Dress (here) ~ Clutch (sold out, similar here) ~ Sandals (old, similar here

So, here we are with the final look from the Simply Be formal wear collaboration. For this look, I chose something a bit on the simple side which is great for laid back occasions like a bridal shower for instance. This dress is super cute and sexy at the same time, definitely not an feat to accomplish. But I love the empire waist and the intricate bodice. It really is a very chic but comfortable dress fit to dance the night away in.

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What I'm Wearing
Dress (here) ~ Sandals (old, similar here) ~ Clutch & Jewelry (borrowed from mom)

Look two from the Simply Be formal wear collaboration features this amazingly gorgeous beaded maxi dress. This maxi dress is really unlike any other beaded dress i have ever owned. The detailing is very precise and eye-catching. Plus the blue is very striking so you will definitely stand out at any formal you wear this to. I styled this dress with some gorgeous jewelry which I borrowed from my mom and simple silver heels and clutch. I felt like a million bucks in this dress thus the million buck smiles. The flutter sleeves give some added glam and practicality if you don't want to show your arms.

As for sizing, I went with a US 16 and i will say it is definitely true to size since I am really a size 14 and thus there was some give in the shoulder area which I remedied by styling it as an off shoulder dress instead.  

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Formal Wear With Simply Be Look One

What I'm Wearing:
Dress (here) ~ Shoes (old, love this here

As Summer draws near, so does party season with weddings, prom, dinner parties and so forth and if you're like me, you've been browsing your favorite stores for the perfect dress for a formal event. Well, if you haven't checked out Simply Be, you definitely should. I am collaborating with Simply Be to bring you three of my favorite dresses for formal wear. For this collaboration, I tried to pick items that show variety in terms of something that can be worn for prom, wedding or just for a formal dinner. 

Kicking off this collab is the most glam dress I have ever worn. Honestly, this dress is definitely wedding approved. Whether it be your wedding, vow renewals, rehearsal dinner or reception, this dress will more than live up to your expectation. The sequin detail overlay bodice is so gorgeous, and the long hi-lo hem is such a plus as it hits right at the ankles and then flows behind you perfectly. This dress is lightweight and can definitely be packed with no hassle. I paired mine with a faux pearl collar that was gifted to me by a friend. Everyone around must have thought I was doing an engagement photoshoot because i kept getting the "awwww" smiles lol. Also, this dress is beach wedding approved!

As for sizing, I am wearing a US size 16 though maybe I should have gotten a 14 since I had a little bit of give around my bust area but then again, I am not very busty so take that into consideration when ordering.



Daring Darling

What I'm Wearing:
Duster (not new, similar here) ~ Jeans (here) ~ Bodysuit (here

Following in the theme of the previous post, I am working with both old and new items in this post. My satin duster was from Summer of last and I paired it with a pretty new bodysuit and destroyed jeans to polish off the daring darling look.


Girl Meets Camo

 What I'm Wearing
Dress (Not new, similar look here, love this denim version here) ~ Jacket (very old, love this here and  here) ~ Shoes (not new, love this here)

Hello world! Happy new week!
I came to a decision this week regarding my blog. Whether we bloggers like to admit it or not, we sometimes cave to the blog pressure. I don't mean this in a bad way but the reality is that we sometimes do things just for the sake of our blogs and one of those things is buying clothes. Ok let me make this specific to myself, I have found myself buying somethings that I don't really need just because I want to take pictures with it and post it on my blog. Not that I do this all the time, because the things you see me wearing on my blog definitely make their rotation in my day to day life. But the point I'm making is; if I were not a blogger, would I have bought that? Maybe not. When I started my blog, I started with the intention of documenting what I was wearing to classes in college and it has since evolved from that. Especially since I do not wear street clothes in my career life but wear scrubs all the time. Now my blog is basically a documentary of looks that are meant to inspire anyone visiting this page so maybe one day when you're getting dressed, you'll think about a look you saw here and decide to try something similar out. I remember getting dressed for classes and pulling up Gabifresh's blog just to see what she wore lately just for inspiration before I picked out what to wear. 

So in that note, I have decided to consciously ask myself before making any purchase if I would have  bought it if I wasn't a blogger. I know some of you are like "duh", and like i said, I don't do this often but it does happen. So, from now on my looks might not be available for you to purchase or it might be from eons of years ago but it will be items that I wear all the time and there will be a lot of repetition going on. Just a heads up!




Sporty Contradiction

What I'm Wearing
Dress (here, love these other tropical prints here and here) ~ Sneakers (here, cheaper options here and  here) ~ Sunglasses (here

Sporty looks are a fave of mine even though I'll pick heels over sneakers anyday. But I am realizing that sneakers also have their appeal as well. Especially chic, minimal ones like the Adidas superstar which I love so much it has been on heavy rotation since I picked it up recently especially with the rainy weather in the DMV area lately. I love wearing this particular sneaker with dresses both short and maxi. It makes every look effortless and chic. 
I styled it with this equally sporty, tropical print skater dress and since skater dresses are usually very girlie, the sneakers give it a contrast but also balances out the feminine look of the dress. This look is so chic and definitely a warmer weather staple for me.

Festival Inspired

What I'm Wearing
Crop top (here) ~ Pants (here) ~ Shoes & Necklace (not new)

I have been loving all the festival inspired looks on social media recently so I decided to do one myself even though this look is not very festival lol. I love the bohemian vibes of this crop top with the bell lace sleeves and also this lace pants hit the right spot. 

Floral Bomber

What I'm Wearing
Jacket (here, love this here) ~ Jeans (here, great options here and here) ~ Basic tee (here) ~ Shoes (here)

When I was younger, you would not catch me dead in this outfit out of fear that I would end up with dirt and food stains all over by the end of the day. But I don't know how it is that these days I can very easily pull off a white look without incident and that is a miracle in my book. Does that mean I have become less accident prone as I've gotten older? God i hope so!

I caved and bought this floral bomber jacket despite my resolve earlier in the year to not buy any more bomber jackets but I don't think I need to explain why I broke my stand, I mean look at it.



 What I'm Wearing
Jeans (here, lots of affordable options here) ~ Bodysuit (here, love this herehere and here) ~ Jacket (sold out, similar here) ~ Shoes (not new, up to size 15 here)   

As you know if you follow my blog regularly, I have a love/hate relationship with jeans. I love how they look on other people but not so much on me, now before you give me that eyebrow let me explain why. I have a bit of a difficult body proportion. My upper waist is a size 12/14 and my hips and thighs are a size 16/18. That sounds very nice right? Until it comes to finding jeans! if it fits my waist, it's too small for my hips and thighs and if it fits my hip and thighs, it's too big for my waist! It is an ongoing battle for me. That has honestly deterred me away from jeans so far but the older I get, the more I have days when I just want to pull on some jeans and a tee and keep it moving. So began my journey of finding jeans for my body type. Good thing I know how to sew, so I've started taking in the waist of my jeans. 

I found these distressed ones that I love just for the fact that they're skinny but not too skinny and some light wash jeans tend to be very flimsy but not this one, its very substantial especially for the price. I also picked up this mesh bodysuit that I am just drooling over right now, the holes are very tiny and unless you came really closer, you would just think it was see through. I threw on a distressed jacket to complete the look.


Boxed Floral

 What I'm Wearing
Skirt (here, love this here and here) ~ Top (not new, love this here and here) ~ Heels (Up to size 15 here)

You already know all about my love for midi skirts and as a result, I find that this "kind" of look is one that I have on rotation. Just a different crop top on a different skirt and it's turned into a staple for me. Here, I am rocking my ancient but favorite high neck crop top with another fave a floral, box pleat midi skirt for an easy and comfy look.



What I'm Wearing
Top (here) ~ Skirt (not new, love this here)

Statement pieces always grab my attention and I am constantly adding to my collection. My latest obsession is this amazing top. Although I am wearing it in a size 14, good news is that it will accommodate up to a size 18. It is cut very free and away from the body which will be great in the coming hot months. I originally wanted to wear this top with pants and I probably will next time, but I ended p pulling out this old striped midi skirt form Lane Bryant some years ago. 

Colorful Stipes

 What I'm Wearing
Dress (here, similar here and here)

Happy belated Easter everyone! Hope you had a day of fun and festivities planned with family and friends. For me, Easter is the official start of a new season and it marks the end of tribulations that came with winter and symbolizes the birth and hope of Spring which has come as our Lord has risen from the grave!
To celebrate Easter, I picked out this amazingly bright and bold bardot, midi dress with a hi lo hem from Asos which is ridiculously comfortable, I cannot wait to wear it casually. The little details of this dress were the selling points for me. Although it is a bit basic except for the stripes and color, I also love the gathered, hi lo hem and the flutter sleeves. I am wearing a size 14 here, but I could have easily pulled off a 12 because it is very roomy. i paired it with my hot pink pumps to finish off tis bright look.




What I'm Wearing
Jeans (not new, similar here, love this here) ~ Top (not new, love this here, and here) ~ Shoes (Up to size 15 here!

Contrary to what you might see on this blog, I love casual chic looks. Maybe not so much on me, but I definitely love casual looks on other people lol. So in an effort to incorporate more casual looks into my life, I have been on a denim frenzy, so be expecting more denim looks on here. I am usually not a denim girl cos I have these huge ginormous legs and emphasizing them is not really my first choice but I am stepping out of my comfort zone. And to kick it off, I pulled out this patchwork jean that has been in the bottom of my closet since a few years ago but still manages to look very in trend. I paired it with this scrappy faux denim top which is another old item. Yes I have on heels, but baby steps right?

Glam Mix: Scuba Midi & Y-Strap Crop

What I'm Wearing
Skirt (here, similar here, love this pleated faux leather version here) ~ Crop top (old, similar here) ~ Shoes (Up to size 15 here)

The Hi-Lo trend doesn't seem to have slowed down, if anything it seems to be getting more popular with more high end brands coming up with very chic designs and using some more dramatic fabrics. Like this one I'm wearing is made with scuba fabric which has to be one of my favorite fabrics. I opted for this style in a tall cut because I figured that the regular cut would be super duper short in the front and I didn't want that, not for this style. Turns out that was a good idea because this tall fit hit me just right above the knee perfectly. 
I paired this skirt with an old y strap crop top that I picked up sometime last summer from F21, unfortunately, it's sold out. 



The Power Skirt

What I'm Wearing
Skirt (here, love this dress version here) ~ Bodysuit (old, similar here) ~ Shoes (here

If a power skirt existed just like a power suit did, it would be this skirt. It is the statement skirt of the year for me so far and that is saying a lot because I have had some pretty gorgeous skirts this year so far. I wore this skirt to a wedding and to say I got compliments is an understatement, everyone wanted to know where it was from. 
The story of buying this skirt is a classic tale of how powerful online advertisement really is. I saw this skirt on Asos initially but I held back because of the price but it kept popping up on my Facebook page and I eventually caved in. That, my friends is the power of advertisement because if not for the constant reminder on Facebook of how gorgeous this skirt was, chances are I would have forgotten about eventually. But here we are, I got it and I don't regret it not one bit. 
Looking at these photos, the next time I wear this skirt, I will style it with a light, maybe ivory top. But I really wanted to beautiful florals in this skirt to be the center of attention although I love the overlay hem as well. This skirt did not disappoint from a price range, the fabric, the cut, the style was well worth the price. Now, I'm patiently waiting for more pieces like this for our plus size bodies!



Gingham Style

What I'm Wearing
Skirt (here, available in red here, love this here) ~ Crop top (here, love this here, love this here) ~ Shoes (Up to size 15 here)

I absolutely freaking love bardot tops, lone sleeve bardot, short sleeve bardot, bell sleeve bardot, you name it and I love it. I think it's because I find that shoulder cleavage is a sexy way to show some skin but still remain covered up. 
As I skirt lover, I also love deconstructed skirts like this one from Asos. I am wearing a size 14 since i find that Asos is a bit forgiving with their sizing. I paired this two together and got tons of compliments that day. 



Fire Engine Red

Happy Friday! This look is isn't available for purchase unfortunately, but i'm still sharing. My skirt was custom made and the bodysuit is sold out from F21. As for my pumps, you already know! 

Pink Explosion.

What I'm Wearing
Skirt (here, getting this here, love this here) ~ Top (Sold out, similar here, love this here and here) ~ Bag (Old, alternative here and here) ~ Shoes (Up to size 15 here) ~ Necklace (Handmade, similar here)

As you probably already know, I am not one to shy away from bold colors even though I love black a little more than the average girl. But I always consciously make an effort to include more color in my closet. For example, for a few months, I refused to buy anything black. Regardless of how much I loved it, if it was black it was not purchased and I found that actually helped me increase the colors in my closet.
I actually built this look around my necklace which is a Nigerian handmade beaded necklace. We usually only wear them for formal occasions and only with Nigerian lace or ankara but fashion has evolved so much that there are no rules anymore. You can wear whatever you want, however you want it so I wore mine with a ruffle tee and a pencil skirt.


Embroidered Lace.

What I'm Wearing
Bodysuit (here, love this black version here) ~ Pants (here, love this floral here and this striped here) ~ Bag (sold out, alternative here) ~ Choker (variety here) ~ Bracelets (Alex and Ani here)

There is something so elegant and classy about lace, it is one of my all time favorite fabrics ever and I didn't stand a chance against this stunning lace bodysuit when I saw it in store. An added bonus is the embroidery over the lace, it is so beautiful and can easily fit in all kinds of atmospheres from the office underneath a jacket, to the dinner party paired with a flirty skirt.
I styled it today with this equally gorgeous and silky wide leg pant for some easy glam. I kept my jewelry simple with a floral choker and my too good to be true Aldo bag.



What I'm Wearing
Skirt (here, love this herehere and here) ~ Tee (here, similar here, love this here) ~ Shoes (Up to size 15 here)

Happy Monday! It's the beginning of a new week and the weather was so beautiful this weekend, it truly felt like the beginning of Spring. So I decided to pull out this gorgeous, statement print skirt that screams "bloom" to me. 
Ever heard of Chicwish? It's cool if you haven't because it is an online based retailer that caters to "mostly" straight sizes. I say mostly, because most of their clothing stops at a l/xl but I recently found out that their some of their skirts go up to a size xxxl. You can only guess how excited I was because they carry some pretty gorgeous skirts, and you know I am a skirts and dresses kinda gal. So I decided to give them a try and boy oh boy...I usually wear a 14/xl in skirts but because Chicwish is an Asian based retailer, I decided to go up a size and get an xxl but still..I had to squeeze this bad boy on. So next time, I'll be going up one more size to a xxxl! So if you have a small-ish waist like mine, yeah you should definitely try out their skirts.


Powder Blue.

What I'm Wearing
Sweater ~ Old skirt (Similar here and here ) ~ Shoes (up to size 15!) ~ Choker 

Surprise!!! Its a new 'do! Well, if you already follow me on social media then this is no surprise to you since I've been red headed for about a week now. I decided to try something new for Spring, hence the red hair, how do you like it? I am loving it so far.
Anyways, what else screams Spring like the color powder blue? There is just something so delicate and soft about it, just like the new flowers that bloom at Spring. I kept this outfit pretty monochromatic and added some statement heels for a pop.

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Pinstripes & Parrots

What I'm Wearing
Top (some crop top I'm loving here and here) ~ Skirt (love this herehere and here) ~ Old heels (similar)

If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll probably already know that I wore this outfit for a segment on Fox 5 DC for the promo of Eloquii's first brick and mortar in our very own DMV a few weeks ago.  Full midi skirts have got to be one of my favorite things in the whole wide world, I have an ever growing collection in my closet. I particularly like this one because it is a statement piece and such a conversation starter. 
Since pinstripes have suddenly become the cool kid on the block, I ended up with my very first with this cropped, tie front, pinstripe top and I gotta say, it's pretty cool in my eyes too.


What I'm Wearing
Skirt (old, alternative) ~ Cami (old, alternative

Remember the color blocking days? I do! And honestly I could never quite find the right colors that didn't make me look like a baboon lol. Well, those color blocking days are long gone but there are still glimpses of it here and there in the fashion community. 
The first time I wore this skirt, I styled it with a sheer bodysuit and it was gorgeous yes, but I felt like it didn't do anything to showcase the regality of this skirt. So this time, I decided on a silk camisole because what says regal like silk?

Oldies: Embellished Sweater & Knee High Boots

As much as we love it, it's very easy for the mini skirt and thigh high boots combo to look very pretty womanish, quite unfortunate but true. But there are ways to work around this hassle, I have found that one way is to style them with a modest, free sweater or tee. That way, the only skin on display are your thighs. I tend to follow the old fashion rule that says if you're showing skin on top, keep the bottom modest and vice versa. How do you wear the mini skirt and thigh high boots combo?
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