These days classic, elegant pieces are very appealing to me. Pieces that I know will stand the test of time, and this cape jacket is one of those pieces to me. I can just imagine myself, sixty years old and wearing this cape to luncheon with my daughters lol.

You might remember a previous post I did this Summer where I talked about not sleeping on your local boutiques? In case you don't, check it out here. But I stand by what I said there, do not sleep on your local boutiques y'all! You will find the most amazing pieces there, pieces that might not be available in large scale commercial stores. I picked up two cape jackets from a local boutique recently, one white, one black and I am so happy with my purchases mainly because i know that it will take a minute before some of my favorite fashion brands get it together and produce pieces like this for plus size women. 

I was invited to an all white party recently and I wore this outfit, regardless of the fact that it wasn't all white but heck, you work with what you have right?

Jacket (Local boutique, see herehere and here) ~ Bodysuit (custom-made, see here and here) ~ Skirt (here) ~ Heels (see here)

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