Yet Another Off The Shoulder Look: Denim & Size 13 Heels

Like I said in my Spring trends lookbook here, off shoulders are one trend that I wear very often and can't seem to say no to purchasing. For me, it is simply because it is more than a trend. I have loved off the shoulder looks for as long as I started loving feminine clothing pieces, and I have a feeling that will always be the case. So I have no qualms stacking up on them.

But that being said, I am on a shopping diet, and what that means is that I will certainly shop but very selectively so no more off shoulders for now.

In this post, I will be introducing you to one of my secret shoe spots. 
P.S: I am not being paid for this little commercial, nor am I an affiliate for this company but I still wanted to share one of my finds with you.
 I ran into this store on one of my random jaunts into my local mall and surprise!!! They carry up to a size 13! And they ship too! and their selection is as affordable as can be. I get very picky with my shoes but I have found some pretty awesome gems from them, this platform heels one of them. I am wearing a size 12. It also comes in a peach (which I got as well) and a black. Link below. 
Happy shopping!

What I'm Wearing:
Top (here, similar herehere and here) ~ Jeans (here, similar here and here) ~ Bag (Old) ~ Shoes (Different colors and up to size 13 here


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Thanks for stopping by! And have a great weekend!


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