DIY Polkadot Pleated Skirt

Bring Christmas back! Does anyone else get nostalgic when Christmas is over? I guess for me it's because that marks the beginning of a new year. As much as I am looking forward to that, I already miss this year. 

Moving on, I don't really do new year's resolutions but i have decided to make more of the pieces in my wardrobe. One of the reasons is because I kinda get bored with seeing the same designs over and over again from some of my favorite brands, and I want more originality in my closet as i get older. 

Since i love full skirts so much, I decided to make a pleated midi skirt with this fabric I picked up on sale for barely $15. I freehanded this design since it's pretty straight forward. Only thing is, I skipped out on pockets because I was pressed for time but that won't happen again, because I desperately wished for pockets when I wore this skirt. Kept this look pretty simple, because the skirt does all the talking.

Christmas Ready: The Perfect LBD

Merry Christmas!!! Can you believe it's Christmas already? I can't. I swear this year went by faster than I anticipated but I am definitely ready for a new year to start.
There's really not much to say about this look, it is a no fuss, classy look because the dress does all the work for you. I went the extra mile and paired it with a cascading necklace (that I have been searching high and low for a deep lunge neckline to style with) and a formal belt. But this dress looks just as beautiful and elegant without any accessorization honestly.

Love, Minnie

If there is one thing I know about myself, it is the fact that I will never be too old for Disney. Even when I'm sitting in my rocking chair clutching my pearls, I will still have a thing for Minnie Mouse. So when I saw this Minnie Mouse sweatshirt, I knew it was meant to be.
Animated tees/sweats are not really my thing but every once in awhile, an exception has to be made. Since this sweatshirt is already really super casual, I "dressed it up" with these grommet cutout jeans and grey pumps. Also check out my coat, I love the knit sleeves which gives this coat a casual, chic vibe. You can usually find me running my errands in this coat and some sneakers during my days off.

Above Average: Basic Jogger & Sequin Sweatshirt

You probably already know this but Gabrielle Union has an ongoing collaboration with one of my go to stores, New York & Company (who by the way have acquired one of my other go to's Fashion to Figure). But back to Gabrielle Union, her collection is always chic, stylish and trendy but still affordable. Whenever she releases a new collection, best believe I always own a few pieces. 

One of the pieces I enjoyed from her latest collection is this sequin sweatshirt that is just so extra glam. What I love about it though, is that it is tastefully glamorous, not loud and tasteless as some sequin designs can be. I kept it simple and played to the sporty vibe by pairing it with a basic black jogger and some booties. I was channeling J-Lo in this look with the ponytail and big hoops, can you tell?
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