Hey guys!

Summer is almost over, can you believe it? I can't! And I am mourning the loss of these hot as heck days...even though I'm panting for Fall to arrive lol. I reinvested myself this Summer and it will forever be a memorable one for me. I rediscovered my love for sewing and started to make more of my own clothes and this suit is one of them.

I pulled out my sewing patterns to help me create this ankara short suit. I used the McCalls M6847 from the Fashion star series to create this sleeveless jacket and I cut an 18W. It was so easy to create, I will be making more of it in different fabrics. I opted out of a button and kept it open because who buttons up their jackets these days? Not me.

I made these pleated shorts to go with it and I must say, I love how it came out. 

DIY Silky Red Co-ord

Hello world, I hesitated to post this DIY just because the weather right now is totally the opposite of what it was when I shot this outfit but oh well, let's get all the summery outfits out of the way while we prepare for fall. 

 Maxi dresses, maxi skirts, anything maxi makes me happy so it's no surprise that my closet is overflowing with them, and I am constantly making more to add to my collection. But I just couldn't resist the drape of this blood red silky polyester fabric. I mean, do you blame me?
I also made this floral crop top to complete the look.

So, I am currently looking at patterns in preparation for my Fall/Winter wardrobe because my skills do not extend to coats and least for now. Any recommendations?

DIY Ruffled Hem Shift Dress

Happy Friday everyone! 

I know I say this all this time, but this has to be my favorite DIY of all time and for various reasons. #1 it took me less than four hours to make and that includes cutting and sewing time
#2 it has been a perfect wear for this crazzzzzy humid weather we've been having lately
#3 The stripes are so perfect, I wish I had left over fabric

But i have always loved shift dresses but could never find one that was perfect for my body type, so I decided to make one.
I picked up this fabric for $2.97 a yard from my fave local fabric store and knew that i wanted to play with the stripes so I mixed it up horizontally and vertically. I must say, it came out perfectly. I wore it to a craft event and everyone was asking me what pattern I used. Like you know, this dress was made without a pattern and i drafted directly on my fabric just because i'm lazy like that.
I paired it with my favorite heels right now, these uber feminine rhinestone bow heels. I love these shoes for two reasons, they're so beautiful and they're comfy, that's a home run in my book.

I am looking forward to making more shift dresses with even more creative hems and sleeves! Stay tuned guys! I can't wait!

Iridescent : Shades of pink

Ever noticed how a brooch can take a simple, ordinary piece of clothing like this blazer and transform it into something haute style? Since discovering this, I never take a brooch for granted even though some say it can be a bit outdated but hey, Claire Huxtable has always been one of my fashion inspirations and as I get older, I find that classy and ladylike mixed with some current, trendy pieces are my go to. I usually pick up one of a kind brooches from local thrift stores and online antique shops and this one was no different. 

Moving on to the other star of this show; these iridescent pumps. Wait for it...I picked them up for $11. Yes, eleven bucks at my local Macy's at the last act rack. I have found some gems on that rack for sure (even though some of them are questionable purchases but I just couldn't resist the price!).

I think I have talked about this denim brand before but they are my absolute favorite brand for my skinny jeans and it has to be their Abs technology line but I looooove their skinny jeans! It hugs my curves with just the right amount of stretch and comfort and it looks amazing. I have a few different styles from their Abs technology line.

I topped off this lilac lacy crop top with a stunningly pink blazer which I picked up from a local jaunt to Nordstrom rack, paired with a good ole skinny jean, iridescent pumps and a classy brooch for effect and you have a hot date night look or a drinks with the girls look.
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