Mellow Yellow

Structures, sleeveless jackets always get my attention, always. I just love how that one piece can pull any outfit together. Take for example this look, just a very basic black turtleneck sweater and black culottes. Throw this gorgeous yellow jacket over it and viola, it takes it from grocery store run to boardroom ready. 

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Agreed. It has been long enough for it to seem like I've been hibernating since the season changed. No excuses, it's been crazy but let's get back on track shall we?

Welcome, my good ole faithfuls and the newbies! I have decided to start my new year off a bit late I know, but here I am. So it might not be news to some, but I occasionally dabble in the sewing arts. One of my projects last year resulted in this super gorgeous lilac turtleneck, cut out midi dress that I just absolutely adore. And since colorful jackets are another obsession of mine, I paired it with this gorgeous pale pink coat for a colorful Olivia Pope look.

Coat here ~ Shoes here ~ Glasses here 

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Cold Shoulder

I plan on enjoying this gorgeous Fall weather before the craziness that is Winter comes along. As you may know if you saw one of my previous posts here, you may already know that I love statement necklines and Boohoo has been giving me my fix lately. I have been finding the most amazing statement pieces from them recently and i just love that they do not shy away from designing edgy pieces for their plus line.

When I got this bodysuit, I imagined that I would always wear it with a full midi skirt just like I love to wear my bodysuits but once i tried it on, it just screamed sexy and a midi skirt seemed too tame. I also recently saw the new line Good American co-founded by Khloe Kardashian and I just absolutely loved the ankle skinnies! Though I am not a believer in spending that much for jeans, I have to admit I was tempted. So I went into my closet and dug through my collection ankle skinnies, and I must say that this pair right here is one of my favorites of all time. It is the stiletto skinny by Torrid, and while it has been around for a bit, I think this is a classic skinny jean, I love that it is cropped, I love the slim fit, and it has really incredible stretch, plus the extra zipper detail on the ankles just give an added bonus.

Bodysuit here ~ Jeans here ~ Shoes here ~ Bag here

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Grunge Chic

Hey there! 
So confession, I have a thing for oversized sweaters and sweater dresses. I just really like the dual nature of them being that you can keep it casual or glam it up like I did here with heels. I got this sweater dress for an unbelievable deal and oh boy, how I wish they had it in different colors, cos I would have walked out of there with an arm full. 

Being a large footed gal, finding feminine, trendy heels can be a hassle and frankly, very frustrating sometimes even to the point of tears. I remember crying over heels when I was a teenager because I couldn't wear beautiful heels because of my then size 13 feet. But thank God, those days are long gone and we now have some designers looking out for the large footed gal. A new brand caught my eye on IG recently by the name of Lonia Shoes, they carry up to a size 15! And while I was a bit skeptical about their sizing, I decided to give them a try and ordered these strappy beauties. They also come in a gorgeous pink metallic that I am itching to get, but I shall resist. As for the sizing, I got my usual size which is a 12 and I have absolutely no complaints. The straps were wide enough for my large ankles and didn't look like they were cutting off my circulation. If you are a large footed gal, you should definitely check them out, they have these clear boots that I am waiting on, and I have my alarm set for the release date lol.

Sweater dress (here) ~Shoes (here) ~ Bag (here) ~ Necklace (here

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